Introducing... Comprehension Questions for Unit 3 (Types of Credit)

Feb 17, 2016
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First, for those who have clicked over from our emailed product release, here’s the promised ONE STOP SHOP FOR THE COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

If you didn’t receive our email (Why aren’t you on our mailing list??? Sign up at the bottom of this page!) read on…

On occasion, teachers who have found our lesson guides on our website have emailed to ask, “So, it says #13-17 are assessment questions, but I don’t see those anywhere. How do I access those questions?” And, the response was less than ideal, because we’d written the questions in Gooru and never copied them over to any other format. So, teachers who weren’t using the “playlist” model on Gooru didn’t have access to the content. Also, some lessons had 3 assessment questions, while others had 7. There was no consistency.

Those who know us well know that, here at NGPF, it seems we’re always trying something new. So, we’re proud to release COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS for our recently revamped Types of Credit Unit 3. Here’s why we love this new format:

  1. Comprehension Questions are now available in easy-to-print Google doc form AND as separate assessment collections in Gooru. Gooru will auto-grade and track scores, as long as you’ve got it set up correctly, which Jessica is happy to help with. Or, if you’re not keen on online administration, go old-school with the paper version. They’re both great!
  2. Each lesson will have exactly 10 questions, so you’ll know what to expect.
  3. Each Comprehension Question will be aligned to one of the learning objectives in that lesson.
  4. We’re utilizing a wider variety of question formats, though they’re all correct/incorrect scoring (no short answer or essay response).

Now, before you get too excited, we’ve written 70 questions (10 per lesson in each of the 7 Types of Credit lessons), but we haven’t done the full curriculum’s 10 other units just yet. We want your feedback first, so, once you try out the new Comprehension Questions, head on over to our Q&A Forum and leave your impressions here.

As always, if you need answer keys, Jessica’s your point of contact. We hope you love our new Comprehension Questions as much as we do.


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