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What’s Trending On NGPF Blog? Top Posts in February

Mar 04, 2015
Credit Scores, Credit Cards, Investing, Stocks, Video Resource, Monthly Summary
Here are the top 5 posts that personal finance educators were reading in February: Case Study in Compound Interest:  The Mystery of the $8 Million Janitor Can You Estimate Your Credit Score? What’s the Catch?:  Reading the Credit Card Fine Print Video Resource:  What Do Your Credit Card Purchases Say About You?   Video Resource:  What Can “Gangnam Style” Teach Us About the Stock Market? ...

What’s Trending on Next Gen Personal Finance’s Blog?

Feb 06, 2015
Investing, Checking Accounts, Purchase Decisions, Video Resource, Monthly Summary
Top posts created in January: Simulation:   How Does Online Banking Work? Lesson Idea:  Who Has The Best Wireless Phone Plan? Video:  If You Dropped A Dollar In the Mall, Would A Stranger Return It To You?   Video Showdown:  What’s the Best Approach to Investing? Chart:  Why Do Millenials Switch Checking Accounts? Enjoy! ...

What Are People Reading on the NGPF Blog?

Dec 01, 2014
Behavioral Finance, Question of the Day, Investing, Chart of the Week, Video Resource, Monthly Summary
Here are some of the leading posts (based on number of page views) from November 2014: Case Study:  Boeing 401K Plan:  The Case of the Missing Millions Video Resource:  How Can One NBA Star Lose $110 Million While Another Earns Hundreds of Millions After His Playing Career Ended? Article:  Investing Trends:  Here Come The Robo-Advisors! Video Resource:  The Psychology Behind Our Money Decisions Charts/Article:  Question of the Day:  Why Are Young People Saving Less? If you are looking...

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