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Update on Wednesday at 5PM PT [Voting Ends Thursday at 5PM PT]:

PAYBACK Rolling over Uber Driver 157-32

SPENT with Narrow Edge over Tale of Two Credit Scores 116-73


  • VOTING in the 2 Semi-Final games (see below) concludes on Thursday, April 5th at 5pm PT
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  • VISIT the NGPF Blog page on Friday, April 6th at 7am ET to VOTE for your team in the National Championship Game.
    • Voting will conclude at 11:59pm PT on Friday, April 6th with the winner announced soon thereafter! 
Game Notes & Updates:
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Semi-final #1: PAYBACK vs. Uber Driver
PAYBACK has been unstoppable on their way to the Financial Four! Clearly, the favorite going in, they just added a Webby nomination, which you can VOTE for here. On the eve of their semi-final match-up with Uber Driver, their confident coach, Jenny, asked the assembled media: "What could possibly be more important than getting students to think about how to pay for college?" 

As for Uber Driver, they come in as the new Interactive on the scene but could cause match-up issues with PAYBACK. After all, they are off the charts when it comes to student engagement and also do a bang-up job demonstrating economic tradeoffs (chase the surge? drive extra hours? spend time with family?). As Financial Times staff has made clear in recent tweets, they are just happy to still be dancing. 

Semi-Final #2: Tale of Two Credit Scores vs. SPENT
The lone CASE STUDY in NGPF's Sweet 16, Tale of Two Credit Scores comes in with a strong resume: it's battle-tested in thousands of classrooms, tackles a challenging topic in a fun way and even has a celebrity endorsement (Ok, maybe a celebrity's picture...). One fan outside the team hotel sported a t-shirt reading "It's great to be a 780." 

SPENT may be looking ahead to a potential match-up with that other McKinney game, PAYBACK. SPENT has a veteran squad with over 7 million plays and plays a brand of ball that generates empathy and models what it means to be resourceful. As one fan elaborated, "If you can survive 30 days in SPENT, you get an A+ in budgeting." 

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Apr 08, 2018
Contest Previous, Personal Finance
PAYBACK with a resounding 129-63 win over Spent. Thanks to the teachers (almost 500!) who participated in NGPF's Inaugural Sweet 16.  Before we get to the gift card winners, a gentle reminder that PAYBACK was just nominated for a Webby (best of the Internet) so you get another chance to vote for it here. Please share with your social networks too! We are currently #2 in the voting and you can help get us that coveted People's Voice Award!  Here are the five winners of a $100 gift card...

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