Bonus! Activities

Entrepreneurship | ANALYZE: Advertising Campaigns

Students will identify mediums of advertising and analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Entrepreneurship | CREATE: A Business Idea

Students will brainstorm business ideas using the problem / solution lens.

Entrepreneurship | CREATE: An Effective Pitch

Students will analyze the effectiveness of business pitches, then create their own.

Entrepreneurship | INTERVIEW: An Entrepreneur

Students will identify entrepreneurs in their community, then interview one of these entrepreneurs using a list questions that they have developed.

Entrepreneurship | RESEARCH: Great Innovators & Innovations

Students will research innovators and innovations that have impacted society.

Ethics | ROLEPLAY: Ethical Dilemmas

Students will outline reasons for actions while personally resolving ethical dilemmas.

Ethics | ROLEPLAY: Workplace Ethics

Students will be able to identify ethical decisions that affect individuals and companies & outline reasons for actions while personally resolving ethical dilemmas.

Philanthropy | ANALYZE: How America Gives

In this activity, students will be able to:

  • use an interactive online map to analyze how Americans across the country donate to charitable organizations.

Philanthropy | COMPARE: Charities

In this activity, students will:

  • identify and describe criteria that is used to compare charities
  • use an online database to compare charities of their choosing

Philanthropy | RESEARCH: Crowdfunding Web Quest

In this activity students:
  • do online research about different crowdfunding platforms and how they differ

Purchasing a Used Car | ROLEPLAY: Buy a Used Car

PLAY: The Ultimatum Game

This fun classroom experiment demonstrates how behavioral psychology proves how irrational we can be around financial decisions. Students will explore the behavior and emotions behind the financial decisions they make.

ANALYZE: The Influence of Social Media

In this activity, students will: 

  • Identify various tactics that influencers and brands use to market products through social media
  • Analyze examples of these tactics on various social media platforms