Bonus! Questions of the Day

How do 13-17 year olds learn about personal finance?

What is the median grade that 13-17 year olds give themselves for their money management skills?

What percent of Americans between the ages of 21-37 think they will be millionaires?

What does financial security mean to you?

A picture of a pair of eyes was placed above a donation box. Did donations increase or decrease?

What percent of voters think the economy is an important issue this election cycle?

Compared to last Black Friday, did more people purchase at physical stores or online?

Can you guess the company behind each of these logos?

What percent of U.S./U.K. teens have donated their money to a cause they believe in?

Can you name ONE of the three fastest growing U.S. cities, as measured by number of new residents who came between 2016-17?

Can you name ONE of the three top reasons that start-up companies fail?

What percent of U.S. millionaires are professional athletes?

Why do startups fail?

What is the#1 reason people contribute to crowdfunding sites (e.g., GoFundMe and Kickstarter)?

What’s the average age of a car on the road today?

What's the average cost of a 30 second Super Bowl ad?

Can you name ONE of the top 3 financial goals for millennials?

What number was larger in 2018: Theater Box Office Sales or Netflix streaming revenues?

What industry sector is least trusted by consumers?

Are inventors born or made?

What percent of kids have regular conversations with their parents/guardians about money?

What's the cost to manufacture a nickel?

How do most people pay for music today: streaming services, digital downloads or physical (CDs, records)?

Where are more people moving: cities or suburbs?

What would an ad-free Facebook need to charge American users ($/year) to maintain their current sales level?

Which company do people trust most when it comes to their data privacy?

Money aside, what makes people feel wealthy?

What percent of high school students want to start their own business?

What's the average age of founders of the highest growth start-ups?

What is the #1 long-term financial goal for young people (ages 16-25)?