Ethics Fincap Fridays

CEO or See You Later?

In 2019, a record number of CEOs of major companies stepped down from their jobs. It was the first time that most CEOs asked to leave had to go because of ethical lapses or poor behavior at work or in their personal lives.

Five Star Phonies

In 2019 it was estimated that more than 30% of online reviews on major websites are fake. To avoid being tricked by fake reviews, you should pay attention to the number of reviews, read the comments, and look at the dates.

Disappearing Dollars

Many people are talking about having a cashless society in the future, where you can only pay using a cashless transaction. While this may seem like a good idea there are many reasons why completely banning cash is a bad idea.

Speeding Into the Future

Many companies have been starting to create functional driverless cars and it has now become evident that in the future, most cars will be driverless.

Rent Your Drobe

There are many complaints about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry; the average person dumps 80 lbs of clothes a year. This has led to people renting clothes instead of purchasing them to limit the waste.

Second-Hand Saving

Teenagers driving the popularity of second-hand fashion is a pattern that can be observed throughout history, but in 2022 a report showed that there is a record high growth rate for second-hand shopping and it's being led by Gen Z!

Doing Well Due to NIL

In mid 2021, the NCAA announced a new policy that would allow college athletes to get paid for the first time in history. What is this new policy and how has it affected the lives of athletes in its first year?