Financial Pitfalls Projects

Create a PSA or Ad for Predatory Lending

In this Common Core Standards-aligned project, students will work in groups to create either a public service announcement teaching their audience to stay away from predatory lenders OR create advertisements convincing their target audience to use their type of predatory lending product.

Launch an ID Theft Awareness Campaign

In this Common Core-aligned project, the entire class will launch a Public Awareness Campaign to help students at your school learn about different types of ID theft and ways they can protect their information. Students will work in groups to conduct research and create communication tools that they will use during the campaign.

The Million Dollar Question: Is the Lottery Good or Bad?

In this Common Core-aligned project, students will engage in a debate on whether state-operated lotteries benefit or harm lottery winners and society as a whole. Students will take a side, conduct research on arguments and counterarguments, and form a personal opinion after the debate.

The Real Relationship Test: Reconcile Your Finances

In this Common Core-aligned project, students will take on the role of a character who is soon to be married and practice reconciling their finances with a partner on a variety of topics in their financial lifestyles, such as housing, debt, etc. Students will then reflect on the importance of having a conversation about finances with a spouse or partner.

Write a Children's Book on Bankruptcy

In this Common Core aligned project, students will work in partners to write and create a Children’s Book about Bankruptcy.