Financial Pitfalls Questions of the Day

Who loses more money to financial fraud? Millennials or Senior Citizens?

What percent of Americans would lend money to a family member?

What percent of cellphone calls in 2019 are expected to be from scammers?

What percent of Americans bought a lottery ticket in the past year?

Where does more holiday fraud happen: online or in physical stores?

What tech company do people trust the least with their personal information?

What percent of Americans are victims of ID theft each year?

What is the implied annual interest rate on rent-to-own merchandise?

How many payday lender locations are there in the United States?

What percent of lottery winners have no money left after a few years?

What are the 5 most common passwords people use?

What is the value of a stolen credit card number?

What is the fastest growing scam reported to the FTC?

How much does a lack of financial knowledge cost Americans annually?

What percent of minors (under 18 years of age) have had their identity stolen?

What is senior citizens' biggest financial regret from their 20s?

What form of identity theft was most common in 2017?