Mini-Units Activities

Ethics | RESEARCH: How Ethical are the Products You Use?

When choosing to buy a product, many consumers do not think about how ethically sound their choice is. In this activity, students will have the chance to see how the products they buy score on an ethical rating of 1-100 on The Good Shopping Guide website. Then, students will reflect on how this knowledge can be used as a consumer.

Ethics | ANALYZE: Ethical Dilemmas

Students will analyze a handful of ethical dilemmas and provide recommendations on how the person in each scenario should proceed. 

Ethics | ROLEPLAY: Workplace Ethics

Students will be able to identify ethical decisions that affect individuals and companies & outline reasons for actions while personally resolving ethical dilemmas.

Philanthropy | ANALYZE: How America Gives

In this activity, students will be able to:

  • use an interactive online map to analyze how Americans across the country donate to charitable organizations.

Philanthropy | COMPARE: Charities

In this activity, students will:

  • identify and describe criteria that is used to compare charities
  • use an online database to compare charities of their choosing

Philanthropy | RESEARCH: Crowdfunding Web Quest

In this activity students:
  • do online research about different crowdfunding platforms and how they differ

INTERACTIVE: The Ethical Dilemmas of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have become a popular topic in today’s media. As this technology has continued to develop, many ethical questions have emerged that are challenging to answer. In this activity, Students will explore some of these questions and have the chance to experience what it is like to make a decision in an interactive, ethical simulation!

ANALYZE: Sample Business Plans

Students will analyze one sample business plan on their own, then compare their classmate's analyses on other sample business plans to better understand what elements make a compelling business plan.

Entrepreneurship | ANALYZE: Advertising Campaigns

Students will identify mediums of advertising and analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Entrepreneurship | CREATE: A Business Idea

Students will brainstorm business ideas using the problem / solution lens.

Entrepreneurship | CREATE: An Effective Pitch

Students will analyze the effectiveness of business pitches, then create their own.

Entrepreneurship | INTERVIEW: An Entrepreneur

Students will identify entrepreneurs in their community, then interview one of these entrepreneurs using a list questions that they have developed.

Entrepreneurship | RESEARCH: Great Innovators & Innovations

Students will research innovators and innovations that have impacted society.

Purchasing a Used Car | ROLEPLAY: Buy a Used Car

Alternatives to College | RESEARCH: Apprenticeships and Internships

In this activity, students will first choose which type of apprenticeship or internship they want to explore. Then, they will conduct research on 3 different apprenticeships or internships they can apply for based on their preferences and skills.

Behavioral Finance | ANALYZE: The Influence of Social Media

In this activity, students will:

  • Identify various tactics that influencers and brands use to market products through social media
  • Analyze examples of these tactics on various social media platforms

Behavioral Finance | PLAY: Roll with the Market

This fun and easy-to-implement game elicits various emotions we feel when we gain, lose, or miss out on investment opportunities and brings to light the psychology behind some of the investment decisions we make.

Alternatives to College | RESEARCH: Associate Degree and Trade Schools Programs

In this activity, students will research a few programs that they would like to study if they are pursuing an associate degree or interested in attending a trade school. Then, they have the opportunity to see which schools offer those programs.

Behavioral Finance | PLAY: The Ultimatum Game

This fun classroom experiment demonstrates how behavioral psychology proves how irrational we can be around financial decisions. Students will explore the behavior and emotions behind the financial decisions they make.

Alternatives to College | RESEARCH: Jobs For You After High School

In this activity, students will have the opportunity to conduct research on 3 different occupations they might be interested in pursuing after high school and think about the larger context of how these roles can shape their future.