Mini-Units Fincap Fridays

FinCap Friday: Not All It's Cracked Up To "G"

5G data has started to be offered in many more places, and can be up to 20% faster then 4G (with other benefits). Even though there is a lot of hype about it, you may not be able to access 5G for a few more years.

FinCap Friday: Pay the Price

Inflation is when the buying power of your dollar decreases. A healthy rate is around 2% per year but many things you pay for on a daily basis have surpassed that and increased their prices much more than 2% from year to year.

FinCap Friday: The Money Talk

Many topics are considered inappropriate to have public conversations about, like money. Without having conversations about money, many people continue to make mistakes that they could easily have avoided.

FinCap Friday: Get S.M.A.R.T

One system for setting goals for yourself is S.M.A.R.T. Using this system you can make specific goals making it much more likely you will achieve them.

FinCap Friday: Gratitude Is the Right Attitude

Gratitude is associated with a positive mental state. People feel happier helping others with their money than spending it on themselves. Even if you can't afford to spend extra money, there are many ways to express gratitude.

FinCap Friday: From Catalogs to Clicks

Shopping has evolved from looking at catalogs to going online and buying things with one click. This has caused lots of impulse buys that people regret. It is important to know how to avoid the dangers of one click buying.

FinCap Friday: Scroll, Tap, Pay

Instagram has a new feature called checkout, allowing you to purchase products directly from Instagram instead of having to visit another website. While this may seen convenient, it makes it easier for people to impulse buy.

FinCap Friday: Clothing Stores Are Closing Stores

Over the last 10 years shopping has moved online leading to many physical store locations to close down. This has caused many retail stores to think outside the box in order to survive.

FinCap Friday: Greatest Graduation Gift

Robert F. Smith paid off all the c/o 2019 at Morehouse College's student loans. Many people consider philanthropy the giving of money to help others in need, but there are many ways to be philanthropic without giving money.

FinCap Friday: Rent Your Drobe

There are many complaints about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry; the average person dumps 80 lbs of clothes a year. This has led to people renting clothes instead of purchasing them to limit the waste.

FinCap Friday: Gotta Habit

Survey results showed that American parents are giving their kids about $30 a week on average for allowance, but kids aren't saving any of it. They need to break the habit of spending all their allowance to learn how to save.

FinCap Friday: Likes Me, Likes Me Not

In Nov 2019, Instagram started hiding the amount of likes you get on each post. They announced that this was just a test and they wanted to prioritize people's mental health, but really they would get a lot of profit from this change.

FinCap Friday: Reason for the Season

The amount of money donated to charity in the US dropped since the new tax laws no longer give tax benefits for donating to charity. There are still reasons to give to charity that benefit yourself, like increasing happiness.

FinCap Friday: Five Star Phonies

In 2019 it was estimated that more than 30% of online reviews on major websites are fake. To avoid being tricked by fake reviews, you should pay attention to the number of reviews, read the comments, and look at the dates.

FinCap Friday: Speeding Into the Future

Many companies have been starting to create functional driverless cars and it has now become evident that in the future, most cars will be driverless.

FinCap Friday: Stacking Unused Gift Cards

Companies don't get access to money on store gift cards until someone uses them. However, after a certain period of time, they can claim this money as breakage income, and access it anyway.

FinCap Friday: Gotta Learn Before You Earn

Many Americans lack money management skills, and the only way to fix that is through learning about personal finance. Studies show that Americans who get personal finance in school were smarter about paying for college.

FinCap Friday: CEO or See You Later?

In 2019, a record number of CEOs of major companies stepped down from their jobs. It was the first time that most CEOs asked to leave had to go because of ethical lapses or poor behavior at work or in their personal lives.

FinCap Friday: Disappearing Dollars

Many people are talking about having a cashless society in the future, where you can only pay using a cashless transaction. While this may seem like a good idea there are many reasons why completely banning cash is a bad idea.

FinCap Friday: When Good Goes Viral

In response to the struggles of Americans from to the economic downturn, many celebrities, companies, and even ordinary individuals went online to spread positivity and do good in their community.

FinCap Friday: The $10 Million Deposit

In the summer of 2020, a deposit of $10 million was made by a major corporation at a Black-led credit union in Mississippi. The deposit was made in response to the demand for racial equity surrounding #BlackLivesMatter.

FinCap Friday: Friending, Then Spending

Data shows an increase in social media usage over time. This trend does not lead to good things for the younger generations, who are experiencing advanced advertising and marketing techniques as a daily norm.

FinCap Friday: The $1 Billion Merger

Two Black owned banks, one on each coast of the country, are merging to form the largest Black owned bank in the nation. This comes as major news because there are not many Black owned financial institutions remaining.

FinCap Friday: Pandemic Entrepreneurs

An unexpected surge in new businesses is shocking people after a new release of data from the government. Most people would guess that the pandemic has halted all businesses, but new data shows a different story.

FinCap Friday: Deals for Days

Every year, people go bonkers for the shopping deals that come around the day after Thanksgiving. This is known as Black Friday. But what's the big deal about it anyway? And, will things change in 2020 & beyond because of covid?

FinCap Friday: Fed Up!

Many people knew federal funds rate reached zero due to the impact of coronavirus. But, while the media covers the Fed changing rates each year, most have no clue what this means or what the Federal Reserve actually does.

FinCap Friday: Caught in the Web

Many companies are beginning to use "dark patterns" to trick us into doing things that we may not want to do when we go onine. Why is this becomiong more popular with big corporations and what are some recent examples?

FinCap Friday: Pandemic Entrepreneurs

An unexpected surge in new businesses is shocking people after a new release of data from the government. Most people would guess that the pandemic has halted all businesses, but new data shows a different story.

FinCap Friday: All the Business Ladies

Women are underrepresented in most prestigious and profitable professions, from well-funded entrepreneurs to high-earning professional athletes. One of the biggest offenders of gender disparity is the finance industry.

FinCap Friday: New Year, New Habits

New surveys show that many Americans want to be smarter with money in 2021, but past studies show that people are not very good at sticking to new year's resolutions. What are some ways to stick to our goals?