At NGPF, we believe in knowing the landscape. To better serve educators like yourselves, we need to understand your current situation, your needs and your goals. That’s why we conduct a monthly “flash survey,” a 4-6 question assessment on some topic about teaching personal finance.

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Flash Survey: End of Year (2017-18) NGPF Usage

Wiith the end of the school year fast approaching, we wanted to ask for your help in assessing our work over the past year. Some of you are faithful users. Others are new to the NGPF community. Whoever you are, we want YOUR feedback so we can continue to improve!  


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Last Month's Survey Results

Flash Survey Results: Advocating for Financial Education

May 04, 2018
Survey Results, Financial Literacy, Advocacy, Personal Finance
As more states move to increase access to financial education for their students, we were curious: What has your experience been in advocating for financial education? Now, with data in hand, here's a quick summary of the results: 81% of respondents indicate that they have advocated for a personal finance class or content in their school, district, or state Administration (64%), students (62%), colleagues (61%), and parents (60%) are the most reported supporters of financial education advocacy...

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