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Why is NGPF Free?

Why is NGPF Free?

We believe that everyone should have access to free, high quality resources to improve their financial capability. The resources that we have created, including our lessons and activities are FREE and will always be FREE. In addition, we know that teachers love high quality professional development and we are committed to providing these services at no cost to teachers also. The founder of NGPF is committed to funding the operations of NGPF and has developed an endowment to accomplish this goal. The life skills that personal finance education provides is too important to leave to budgetary whims or fickle funding sources.

Use NGPF in Your Classroom

Do you have any resources for English Language Learners (ELLs)?

We heard your requests about for ESL resources so we translated our best activities and projects from each unit to Spanish. You’ll know a resource is available in Spanish when you see the (Sp) demarcation after the activity title on our website. Access the Spanish version by opening the English version and clicking the link for Spanish in the upper right. Our most recent addition to our collection centers around NGPF's new game, Payback. For a full directory of our translated resources, click here. 

To keep up with our future translations, join our Translation Mailing list.

Keep in mind that we're a small staff so we aren't working on any other languages at the moment.

Do you have any OTHER resources for English Language Learners (ELLs)?

Two helpful teacher-provided tips regarding English language learners and the NGPF curriculum:

  1. You can activate Spanish translation subtitles on the bottom of most YouTube videos. WARNING: These are computer-generated translations which do tend to have errors (examples: Credit cards can lead to death when they meant debt.) So, it’s not perfect, but a teacher who uses it frequently says it helps his ELLs follow along with videos.
  2. On a similar note, you can slow down the video/audio speed of a YouTube video. By decreasing speed to 75%, your students may be able to follow the English a little easier — this strategy can also help for slower note-takers.

How-Tos for both of those YouTube modifications are found in this video.

Can I add NGPF content to my classroom website or Google classroom?

Of course! If you are a public, private, or charter school teacher; a professor at a community college or university; or if you work for a nonprofit organization that does financial literacy work with young adults, we’d LOVE for you to include our resources on your site. Please leave our NGPF logo atop the worksheet pages and/or otherwise give us credit for our work, mostly so others know where to find more great NGPF resources.

At NGPF, we give all of our resources and PD away completely free of charge. If you work for a private company or intend to generate revenue by using our resources, please confirm with before proceeding in this manner.

How do I share NGPF resources electronically with my students?

  • If you want your students to complete just one of our NGPF documents, they can simply (1) open the Google doc on their computer, (2) go to File, Make a copy, (3) rename their version of the document, (4) edit to complete the answers, and (5) share the document with you by going to File, Share, and entering your email address in the “People” box.
  • If you want to share many NGPF documents with your students and collect their completed work digitally, there are software programs that facilitate this, such as Google Classrooms. Alternatively, you can follow these two sets of directions:

Teacher Accounts

How do I get access to Answer Keys and Assessments?

In order to gain access to answer keys, assessments, and a growing community of personal finance professionals, you will have to register for a Teacher Account. To do this, click “Create Free Account” in the top right corner and fill out your name, email, and information about your school. We know how clever students can be so we will use the information provided to verify your educator status.

Within 1 business day, we will review your profile and send you an email if approved. Watch the video below for some tips on how to expedite the process and for insights into our verification process.


Navigate Our Website

How do I find what I need?

How do I access the One-Semester Course assessments and answer key?

To access the One-Semester Course assessments and answer keys, you'll need to register for a free Teacher Account (click here for instructions). 

The unit numbers and content seems different when going to the semester course vs the individual units on the main page. Is this the case?

Yes, that is the case.  We have organized all of our curriculum materials into Units with materials you can use in any way you see fit for your class. Those are the individual units you see on our page. If you click on any unit option, you will see many links for distinct lesson plans or activities, projects, etc for you to choose from that help teach that particular subject matter.
However, the Semester Course has been organized for teachers based on the specific timing of that course, allowing teachers to simply plug our course into their class. You can access the full Semester Course directory here.

How do I access the general assessments on your website?

At the request of teachers, we’ve “protected” all of our assessments so that only verified teachers can access them on our website. You can gain access by registering for a free Teacher Account (click here for instructions). We will review your registration within one business day and send you an email if approved. 

NGPF Curriculum on Gooru

NGPF Curriculum on Gooru

We made the difficult decision not to upload new content onto the Gooru platform. We couldn't justify the time and effort required to manage two LMS platforms and chose to focus on Google, which the overwhelming majority of our teacher community uses. Our existing content will remain on Gooru, but we'll no longer link there from our website or update the current curriculum we have housed on there. 

If you have any concerns regarding our decision, please email 
Jessica at

Professional Development

I want NGPF to do professional development in my local area. What's my next step?

  • If you’re organizing a financial literacy conference and would like NGPF to present a workshop, we may be interested. Please email Laura with the date, the location, the topic/theme, how many personal finance educators at the high shool or college level you are expecting, and the workshop application (if required).
  • If you’d like NGPF to do a full-day PD at your state or district level and think you can generate enough interest for ~40 teachers to register, we are definitely interested. We need your assistance in choosing a date and location that would work for your group, and then we’ll handle all the other logistics, working with you (if desired) to choose specific topics to meet your teachers’ needs. Email Tim to discuss a full-day PD in your state or district.

All NGPF professional development is offered free of charge.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.