Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Accounts

Why do I need to create a Teacher Account?

How do I access the Answer Keys and Assessments?

I have a Teacher Account but I don't see the buttons for the answer keys...

NGPF Academy & Professional Development

How can I learn more about NGPF Academy?

I attended a Professional Development (Certification Courses, Virtual PDs, Webinars, Virtual FinCamps). Where can I find my PD Certificate?

How can I view all of the Professional Development (Certification Courses, Virtual PDs, Webinars, Virtual FinCamps) opportunities I have registered for?

How do I view my NGPF Academy credits?

I reached the next status in NGPF Academy. When will I receive my swag?

I want to learn more about NGPF through professional development and collaboration with other teachers. How can I register for a PD?

I've attended a Virtual FinCamp and would like to share NGPF resources and practices with my school or district. Is there a resource that I can use to support my fellow educators?

I missed the survey at the end of the session. What do I do?

I attended a Professional Development opportunity but the credit is not appearing on My NGPF Academy Page. What do I do?

Using NGPF

I’m completely new to NGPF. Where’s the best place for me to start exploring the curriculum?

Are NGPF resources and lessons aligned with any standards?

How do I know what NGPF Curriculum course to use for my class?

What support do you offer to teachers in using NGPF and teaching personal finance?

How can I get help with Google Drive and sharing with my students?

I’m not a classroom teacher. Can I still use NGPF materials?

Navigating Our Website

I no longer see the Projects section under the Resources tab. Where can I find all NGPF Projects?

I am having trouble finding the Teacher Slides or Teacher Guide (ex. Bean Game, Joining the Market). Where can I find teacher slides for an activity?

An arcade game, interactive, or video is not working. What is going wrong?

Where can I find vocabulary resources for the NGPF curriculum?

NGPF Funding

Where does NGPF get its funding?

Have additional questions?

If you have questions regarding NGPF Academy or Swag shipments, please click here and review the information before reaching out to NGPF.

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