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"Thank you so much for the high-quality Toolkit. I have already found lots of info and ideas to use. I love the ways you have organized all of this info for use. It is saving me tons of time that I don't have."   "This collection of resources is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting educators!"   "I love the new toolkit...It's really organized and easy to follow...I think especially for someone new to NGPF, they will find it very easy to find all the best resources very quickly."

How can I learn more about NGPF Academy?

Go to the NGPF Academy page to learn more about:

How can I access the Answer Keys?

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 Note: We are currently transitioning our answer keys to a new system to better protect the integrity of the curriculum. Your old answer key spreadsheet, course documents, and answer key links will no longer work. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your support and understanding.

 Answer Keys:

  • Now available on our website on the Unit Pages: The answer keys for Activities, Case Studies, Data Crunches + Math, Answer keys for Student Activity Packets (for Full Year Course, Semester Course)
  • Not yet available: Answer keys for Student Activity Packets (9-Week Course)

To access the activity answer keys on the website, please hover over the Curriculum tab, then click on Units. Click on the unit the activity belongs to, and then click to open the resource you need an answer key for. Then, you will see a button for the answer keys. If there is no button for the answer keys, it means that NGPF has not created a key for the activity because the questions on it are open-ended.

  • Now available on our website on the Unit Pages: Assessments for the Full Year Course (at unit and lesson level) and Semester Course (at unit level); Answer keys for all assessments (Full Year Course and Semester Course)
  • Not yet available: Diagnostic, Midterm, and Finals for all courses; All assessments for 9-Week Course, including Exit Tickets
To access the assessments on the website, please hover over the Curriculum tab, then click on Units. Click on the unit the activity belongs to, and then click on Unit Plan and Assessments. For the Full Year Course comprehension questions, please click on the lesson and you will be able to find a link to access them.

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