Investing - Teacher's Roundtable

Jan 29, 2019

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Attend one of our three Investing Roundtables and collaborate with other educators regarding how they teach investing including answers to questions such as:

1) What are your key learning objectives for the unit?
2) What are some of your favorite activities?
3) How do you engage students who don't believe they will ever be investors/have no experience with investing?
4) How do you further your own understanding of investing? Favorite websites, blogs, etc.

We’ll be using zoom for this live video call.  Here are some best practices that will help the call go smoothly:

  • Find a quiet place, free from disruptions.
  • Use headphones and mute during the call to minimize audio feedback.
  • Use text chat to share ideas or information, or to ask questions without interrupting the conversation.