The Shady Sam Lending Game

Feb 06, 2019

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Join NGPF co-founder Tim for a round of Shady Sam and a teacher focused discussion on playing Shady Sam with your students.


 Shady Sam

Welcome to your first day of work at Shady Sam's. Your job is to make as much money as possible off the backs of hard-working Americans. How? By issuing loans that make us a hefty profit.  When lenders make money, borrowers lose. Shady Sam is designed to demonstrate how loan terms can hurt you if you don't pay attention.


Online Session for Personal Finance Teachers

We’ll be using zoom for this live video call.  Here are some best practices that will help the call go smoothly:

  • Find a quiet place, free from disruptions.
  • Use headphones and mute during the call to minimize audio feedback.
  • Use text chat to share ideas or information, or to ask questions without interrupting the conversation.