Money and Me Fincap Fridays

New Year, Same Habits

New surveys show that many Americans want to be smarter with money in 2021, but past studies show that people are not very good at sticking to new year's resolutions. What are some ways to stick to our goals?

Likes Me, Likes Me Not

In Nov 2019, Instagram started hiding the amount of likes you get on each post. They announced that this was just a test and they wanted to prioritize people's mental health, but really they would get a lot of profit from this change.

Not All It's Cracked Up To "G"

5G data has started to be offered in many more places, and can be up to 20% faster then 4G (with other benefits). Even though there is a lot of hype about it, you may not be able to access 5G for a few more years.

Clothing Stores Are Closing Stores

Over the last 10 years shopping has moved online leading to many physical store locations to close down. This has caused many retail stores to think outside the box in order to survive.

Wealthy? Not Me!

The annual Modern Wealth survey from Schwab was released in May 2022 and it shows how much money Americans think you must have in order to be considered wealthy. How has the average answer changed?

Family Finance Talk

When parents lack confidence or control of their own financial situation, they can be less willing to talk about money with their children. But data shows that avoiding discussions about finances in the home can be a bad thing!