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18 weeks of daily instruction to fit a traditional semester. The Semester Course features lesson plans for diverse learning styles; rigorous, engaging activities; and a digital format so content is always up-to-date and accessible.

  • Diagnostic & Final exams
  • 10 unit tests

You can access the old Semester Course in the Retired Resources section of your Teacher Account. Please note that the old Semester Course will no longer be actively maintained, so we highly recommend using the new course!


NOTE: Lesson Guides, Answer Keys, and Unit Assessments are found below. Nearpod Lessons will be added shortly.

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View Behavioral Economics Unit Plan >

SC-1.1 Your Values and Money

SC-1.2 Your Brain and Money

SC-1.4 Endowment Effect and Sunk Costs

SC-1.5 Herd Mentality and FOMO

SC-1.6 Confirmation Bias and Overconfidence

SC-1.7 Happiness and Hedonic Adaptation

View Banking Unit Plan >

SC-2.1 Checking Accounts

SC-2.3 Beware of Banking Fees

SC-2.5 Strategies to Save

SC-2.6 Challenges to Saving

SC-2.7 Online and Mobile Banking

SC-2.8 Navigating Your Online Bank Account

View Investing Unit Plan >

SC-3.1 Why Should I Invest?

SC-3.2 What is the Stock Market?

SC-3.6 Investing in Funds

SC-3.7 Deep Dive Into Funds

SC-3.9 The Importance of Investing for Retirement

SC-3.10 How to Invest for Retirement

SC-3.11 Modern Investing

View Types of Credit Unit Plan >

SC-4.2 Young People & Credit Cards

SC-4.3 Using Credit Cards Wisely

SC-4.4 Loan Fundamentals

SC-4.7 Predatory Lending

View Managing Credit Unit Plan >

SC-5.2 Your Credit Report

SC-5.3 Your Credit Score

SC-5.4 Building Your Credit from Scratch

View Paying for College Unit Plan >

SC-6.1 Paying for College 101

SC-6.2 Applying for the FAFSA

SC-6.3 Scholarships and Grants

SC-6.5 Financial Aid Packages

SC-6.6 Student Loan Repayment

View Insurance Unit Plan >

SC-7.1 Intro to Insurance

SC-7.3 Renters & Homeowners Insurance

SC-7.4 How Health Insurance Works

SC-7.5 How to Access Health Insurance

SC-7.6 Other Types of Insurance

View Taxes Unit Plan >

SC-8.1 Taxes and Your Paystub

SC-8.2 The Tax Cycle and Job Paperwork

SC-8.4 How to File Your Taxes

SC-8.5 Completing the 1040

View Budgeting Unit Plan >

SC-9.2 Budgeting Strategies

SC-9.3 Budgeting for your Home

SC-9.4 Budgeting for Transportation

SC-9.5 Budgeting for Food

SC-9.6 Budgeting in the Gig Economy

SC-9.7 Build Your Budget

View Consumer Skills Unit Plan >

SC-10.1 Your Money & Social Media

SC-10.2 Advertisements & Dark Patterns

SC-10.3 Comparison Shopping