Finally, an answer to “When am I going to use this in real life?!” The NGPF Financial Algebra course is a free math curriculum designed to engage students with real-world financial applications while maintaining deep mathematical rigor. Each unit blends one core personal finance topic and one relevant math concept. Students will explore questions like "How can you compare banks using systems of equations?" and “What do exponential functions reveal about investing and debt?”

  • Covers 10 units in one semester
  • Aligns to National Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standards and Common Core Standards for Mathematics
  • Customizable to meet the needs of every teacher's classroom
  • Units 2, 3, 4, and 5 are available now — new units will be released throughout the 2021-2022 school year


  • Final exam
  • 1 exam per unit


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NOTE: Student Activity Packets, Lesson Guides, Application Activities, Application Answer Keys, and Unit Assessments are found below.

View Checking & Linear Equations Unit Plan >

FA-2.1 How Checking Works


FA-2.2 Beware of Banking Fees


FA-2.3 Linear Growth Patterns

FA-2.4 Writing Linear Equations

FA-2.5 Graphing Linear Equations

FA-2.6 Online and Mobile Banking


FA-2.7 Scatter Plots and Linear Regression

View Saving & Systems of Equations Unit Plan >

FA-3.01 Why Save?


FA-3.02 Graphing Systems of Equations

FA-3.03 Writing Linear Equations in Standard Form

FA-3.04 Manipulating Equations

FA-3.05 Challenges to Saving


FA-3.06 Strategies to Save


FA-3.07 Solving by Substitution

FA-3.08 Solving by Elimination

FA-3.09 Where to Save


FA-3.10 Specialized Saving Accounts

View Budgeting & Systems of Inequalities Unit Plan >

FA-4.1 Budgeting for Teens


FA-4.2 Graphing Linear Inequalities

FA-4.3 Budgeting Strategies


FA-4.4 Budgeting Tools

FA-4.5 Graphing a System of Inequalities

FA-4.6 Budgeting for Fixed Costs


FA-4.7 Budgeting for Variable Costs


FA-4.8 Constraints and Optimization

FA-4.9 Complete a Budget

View Intro to Investing & Exponential Functions Unit Plan >

FA-5.1 Why Should I Invest?


FA-5.2 Exploring Exponential Growth

FA-5.3 Writing Exponential Equations

FA-5.4 Stocks


FA-5.5 Exponential Change

FA-5.6 Bonds, Allocation, and Diversification


FA-5.7 Design a Portfolio