Semester Course

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SC-7.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

SC-7.1 - Intro to Insurance

SC-7.2 - Auto Insurance

SC-7.3 - Renters & Homeowners Insurance

SC-7.4 - How Health Insurance Works

SC-7.5 - How to Access Health Insurance

SC-7.6 - Other Types of Insurance

9-Week Course

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9WK-8.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

9WK-8.1 - Insurance as Vital Risk Management

9WK-8.2 - Auto Insurance

9WK-8.3 - Health Insurance

9WK-8.4 - Other Types of Insurance

Full Year Course

FY-11.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

FY-11.1 - Insurance Fundamentals

FY-11.2 - Health Insurance 101

FY-11.3 - Finding a Health Insurance Plan

FY-11.4 - Auto Insurance

FY-11.5 - Home & Renters Insurance

FY-11.6 - Other Types of Insurance