Semester Course

Unit 1: - Unit Plan & Assessments

SC-1.1 - Your Values and Money

SC-1.2 - Your Brain and Money

SC-1.3 - Loss Aversion

SC-1.4 - Endowment Effect and Sunk Costs

SC-1.5 - Herd Mentality and FOMO

SC-1.6 - Confirmation Bias and Overconfidence

SC-1.7 - Happiness and Hedonic Adaptation

Full Year Course

FY-8.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

FY-8.1 - Are You Really in Control of Your Decisions?

FY-8.2 - Sore Loser

FY-8.3 - Let It Go!

FY-8.4 - Everyone Else is Doing It

FY-8.5 - Arrogance and Echo Chambers

FY-8.6 - Enough is Enough

FY-8.7 - I Saw It On Social Media