Next Gen Personal Finance deeply values the professional development of Educators across the country. NGPF now offers an NGPF Certification for Educators on specific Personal Finance topics, free of charge!


To receive an NGPF Certification, you must successfully complete a 10 hour course-- 9 hours of Professional Development and a 1 hour course completion exam. 


Certification Courses that are currently available: 


Course Description


This course emphasizes vocabulary, content knowledge and NGPF resources for instructional use. During the first 3 prerequisite sessions, participants will build the foundational understanding of: the value of investing early and often, compounding returns, stocks, bonds, funds, and risk management. Then participants will build upon this in the final 6 sessions to understand behavioral finance, and 21st century relevant investing strategies and tools for investing!


In this course, participants will walk through the major aspects of credit, loans, and debt management. We will start with an overview of the history of credit from a cross-curricular lens. Then we will build our foundation of credit essentials as we move towards the complexities of the United States crediting system, common pitfalls, and current trends!

Banking & Budgeting

During this course, participants will cover essential strategies and tools for successfully banking and budgeting. Throughout the 9 session course, sessions will focus on Online Banking, Overdraft Fees, Budgeting Strategies, Types of Savings Accounts, Negotiating for a Car and more!


Course Dates/Schedule

From June - August 2020, NGPF Certification Courses will consist of three weeks of high intensity Professional Development. The three week Courses will be offered four separate times throughout the Summer.  


Summer Program 1 (three weeks) 

Week of June 1st - June 19th


Summer Program 2 (three weeks) 

Week of June 22nd - July 10th

Register Here! 

Summer Program 3 (three weeks)*

Week of July 13th - July 31st 

Summer Program 4 (three weeks)*

Week of August 3rd - August 22

*Registration for Summer Programs 3 and 4 will open on July 1st. 

Morning 9am - 12pm PT*

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3



Monday June 1

Monday June 8

Monday June 15


June 19


Tuesday June 2

Tuesday June 9

Tuesday June 16


Wednesday June 3

Wednesday June 10

Wednesday June 17


Afternoon 1pm - 4pm PT**

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


Thursday June 4

Thursday June 11

Thursday June 18


Thursday June 4

Thursday June 11

Thursday June 18


Thursday June 4

Thursday June 11

Thursday June 18

*Eastern Time 12pm - 3pm

**Eastern Time 4pm - 7pm


Frequently Asked Questions 


 How will NGPF Academy work for the 2020-21 School Year?

We will continue to provide you with engaging PD that builds your content knowledge, fosters collaboration and provides you with resources that you can implement with your students. We will continue to listen to what you are telling us on how best to support your work during these uncertain times.

As an added bonus this year, in addition to that awesome NGPF swag, you will also receive Amazon gift cards as you complete 10 hour increments of PD (we will retain the mystery of the swag).

To learn more about NGPF Academy for 2020-21, follow the link here.


Can I complete more than 1 Certification at a time?


Do I have to renew this yearly? 

Yes, you can! You must register for each separately. 

No! However your Certification will be dated and, just like any other Certification, getting it renewed ensures you have the most up-to-date credential and content knowledge.

Do these count towards my NGPF Academy hours?

Will Courses be offered in the Fall? 

Yes, these PD hours count towards your NGPF Academy total!

Yes, sign up for the NGPF Newsletter for registration updates!

If I miss a session, can I still take the Assessment? 

Will other Certification topics be offered in the future?

No, you will need all 9 PD sessions before becoming eligible for the Assessment!

Yes, there will be other topics offered in the future!

Will NGPF offer other Professional Development opportunities in addition to these courses? 

Will these courses be only offered once? 

Yes, NGPF Virtual PDs will occur throughout the Summer!

No, each of the 3 week Certification courses will be repeated 4 times between June 1st and September!