Hopefully you've already found a few NGPF materials that you love; now it's time to grow your skills to get those resources in front of students and let the real magic happen.

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Build Your Confidence and Expand Your Community


Attend NGPF Online PD -- Always FREE!

Our facilitators will deepen your knowledge of content, model instructional practices, and offer materials that educators can use the very next day in their class.

Some popular Virtual PDs include: the Beginner Series, Using NGPF Curriculum, Brush Up On content, and Tech Tools.

Attend free PD to join NGPF Academy and earn up to $575 in Gift Cards and NGPF Swag!


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Track Your Progress and Earn Swag


Earn Credits in NGPF Academy

There are many professional benefits to attending NGPF professional development, but there are also personal perks as well. As educators complete hours of professional development, each will collect NGPF Academy Credits that track your progress for the current school year and earn you swag!



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Become NGPF Certified in Content


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NGPF now offers online Certification Courses specializing in specific topics in personal finance. Educators strengthen their own content knowledge over 10 hours of professional development and are assessed through a 1 hour exam. NGPF Certified educators are more confident, qualified and ready for their classroom


  • Become NGPF Certified to boost your resume
  • Deepen your understanding on specific personal finance topics
  • Earn badges to add to your email signature and NGPF Academy profile


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If you are interested in learning more, join us for the NGPF Virtual PD Beginner Series!

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