Build your confidence with FREE Teacher PD.


NGPF Offers FREE PD in 3 formats:


  • Offering 4-7 live sessions weekly. 60-90 mins.
  • Variety of topics across personal finance content, instructional strategies and NGPF curriculum
  • Interactive sessions with engaging activities and small group discussions


  • 10 topics offered regularly throughout the year
  • In-depth online sessions for content understanding
  • NGPF certification to boost your resume


  • 35+ modules across various topics, with new topics every month
  • Focused on tricky topics your students care about
  • Asynchronous online PD you can do on your own time

Join NGPF Academy to earn credits and swag:


Register for Virtual PDs, On-Demand, Certification Courses, or Speaker Series.


Every hour of NGPF PD you attend earns one NGPF Academy Credit.


Reach Academy milestones to earn swag! This is one way we thank you for your commitment to PD.

Attend a Free Virtual PD session to enrich your teaching practice:

Deepen your instructional practice, resources, and confidence through 1-hour Virtual PD sessions!

All of NGPF's professional development Virtual PD sessions are FREE. Take as many as you can fit into your schedule!

Virtual PD
Tech Tools: Desmos Interactive Math Builder
Aug 08, 2022
1:00 pm Pac / 2:00 pm Mtn / 3:00 pm Ctl / 4:00 pm East
Virtual PD
Financial Algebra: Paying for College and Statistical Analysis
Aug 08, 2022
4:00 pm Pac / 5:00 pm Mtn / 6:00 pm Ctl / 7:00 pm East
Virtual PD
5 in 50: Saving
Aug 09, 2022
1:00 pm Pac / 2:00 pm Mtn / 3:00 pm Ctl / 4:00 pm East
Virtual PD
Beginner Series: Experience an NGPF Lesson as a Student
Aug 09, 2022
4:00 pm Pac / 5:00 pm Mtn / 6:00 pm Ctl / 7:00 pm East
Virtual PD
Nearpod: Tips & Tricks
Aug 10, 2022
7:00 am Pac / 8:00 am Mtn / 9:00 am Ctl / 10:00 am East
Virtual PD
Arcade: Budgeting with Money Magic
Aug 10, 2022
4:00 pm Pac / 5:00 pm Mtn / 6:00 pm Ctl / 7:00 pm East
Virtual PD
NGPF Speaker Series: Catie Hogan
Aug 12, 2022
9:00 am Pac / 10:00 am Mtn / 11:00 am Ctl / 12:00 pm East

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Start an NGPF On-Demand Module Now!

NGPF’s On-Demand modules are professional development opportunities for teachers that provide maximum flexibility for your schedule. Sign up for NGPF Academy and earn 1 credit after you complete a module.

Beginner Series

Navigating the NGPF Website

Learn how to efficiently navigate the NGPF website to find helpful resources for your classroom
Beginner Series

Hacks for the Student Activity Packet

Learn tips & strategies to customize the NGPF Student Activity Packets
Beginner Series

Unit Planning with NGPF

Share tips, tools, & resources to effectively unit plan using the NGPF curriculum.

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Become a certified Personal Finance educator!

Each certification program includes 5 live sessions lasting 2 hours over a series of weeks, with an exam and certification upon passing. There are 10 fully interactive content courses available:

  Advanced Investing

  Banking & Budgeting

  Behavioral Finance





  Paying for College

  Psychology of Money


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