Please note that NGPF updates the Taxes curriculum for the upcoming tax filing period every December once the IRS has released all updated forms and figures.

Semester Course

(Nearpod lessons can be found on the Semester Course page)

SC-8.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

TBD - Placeholder for details

9-Week Course

(Nearpod lessons can be found on the 9-Week Course page)

9WK-1.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

9WK-1.1 - Taxes and Your Pay Stub

9WK-1.2 - Teens and Taxes

9WK-1.3 - The Tax Cycle & Job Paperwork

9WK-1.4 - How to File Your Taxes

9WK-1.5 - Completing the 1040

Full Year Course

FY-10.0 - Unit Plan & Assessments

FY-10.1 - The U.S. Tax System

FY-10.2 - Important Tax Forms

FY-10.3 - Do I Need to File a Tax Return?

FY-10.4 - Filing your Taxes

FY-10.5 - Dive Deeper into Taxes