Virtual NGPF FinLit Conference - Saturday, April 24th

Save the Date! The 2021 NGPF Virtual FinLit Conference will be on April 24th, 2021. The conference will showcase 18 new, timely, and updated Virtual PD sessions, with a bonus 1 hour session on the ‘State of Financial Education in the U.S.’ We are excited to gather educators from all around the country to learn and engage together on all things financial education - especially with April being FinLitMonth. Come join us; as with all things at NGPF, the conference is free and open to all!

  1. You must register for each session you want to attend, including the State of Finlit Education session.
  2. Please do not register for more than one session in a single time slot.
  3. If you want to attend more than 1 session in the same hour, don’t worry - these sessions will be repeated through our regular NGPF VPD scheduling starting late April. To make for a cohesive and engaging experience, we ask that you don’t jump from session to session in the middle of an hour.
  4. For each session you attend, you will get 1 NGPF Academy credit; each session will also have a gift card raffle!
7:00am PT (10:00am ET)  
Slot 1: Financial Pitfalls: Family, Friends & Money REGISTER
Slot 2: Project Based Learning in the Personal Finance Classroom REGISTER

Slot 3: Using Roblox's Recent Public Listing to Teach Investing


8:00am PT (11:00am ET)  
Slot 1: Behavioral Finance: Middle and H.S. Social Media and Teen Spending REGISTER
Slot 2: Exploring New Interactive Resources REGISTER
Slot 3: Trends in Personal Finance REGISTER

9:00am PT (12:00pm ET)  
Slot 1: Adapting Personal Finance Content for Econ REGISTER
Slot 2: Starting & Running an Investment Club REGISTER
Slot 3: Creative Instruction: Podcasts in the Classroom REGISTER

10:00am PT (1:00pm ET)  
State of FinLit Education REGISTER

11:00am PT (2:00pm ET)  
Slot 1: Deep Dive into the Advocacy Report REGISTER
Slot 2: Inclusive Financial Education: Unbanked and Underbanked Americans REGISTER
Slot 3: Speaker Series: 403b & Annuities with Dan Otter REGISTER

12:00am PT (3:00pm ET)  
Slot 1: Financial Myths and Misconceptions REGISTER
Slot 2: Teaching through Arcade Games REGISTER
Slot 3: Keeping up with FinTech Apps REGISTER

1:00pm PT (4:00pm ET)  
Slot 1: Transitioning Back to In-person Learning REGISTER
Slot 2: Learning to Leverage LinkedIn REGISTER
Slot 3: Top 10 Books for the Classroom REGISTER