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By 2025, all U.S. high schoolers will have access to at least one semester-long Personal Finance course.



By 2030, all U.S. high schoolers will be guaranteed to take at least one semester-long Personal Finance course before graduation.



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The Next Gen Personal Finance mission is that every high school student in America will graduate having taken a one-semester course in personal finance by the year 2030, but NGPF started at just one high school -- Eastside College Prep in East Palo Alto in 2010.

An entrepreneur with a passion for education, Tim volunteered to create and teach a personal finance program from scratch at ECP. After witnessing firsthand the impact that a personal finance course could have, he wanted to share with a wider audience. In the same time frame, Jessica was progressing from assistant principal to principal of a public high school in Brooklyn and was working to hook students in to learning and set them up for beyond-the-classroom success. In 2014, Tim and Jessica joined forces, committed to the idea that every single student deserves high quality instruction in personal finance. Every service provided by NGPF is offered at no-cost and always will be.

In the intervening years, we’ve built an unstoppable team with a strong emphasis on hiring outstanding former classroom teachers to write curriculum and facilitate professional development. We move quickly but with thoughtfulness and commitment to the teachers we serve. We create curriculum that students can connect to, generate PD that honors and respects the tremendous profession that is teaching, and advocate alongside communities to bring personal finance education to every single high school student in America.


The NGPF Approach



Our curriculum covers 12 different units, including Investing, Taxes, Saving, Behavioral Economics, and Paying for College. Our turnkey courses include 9-week, semester and full year courses (both high school and middle school.) Our resources emphasize hands-on, real-world applications that build student financial capability. Best of all, the curriculum is provided at no-cost.


Every student deserves a confident and highly qualified personal finance teacher. Educator participation in NGPF Professional Development moves us closer to that goal. We offer PD ranging from one-hour virtual workshops to asynchronous On-Demand modules to in-depth Certification Courses. The emphasis is on building teacher content knowledge, modeling various NGPF resources, and encouraging teacher collaboration. PD is offered through NGPF Academy, a program that rewards and recognizes the more than 12,000 teachers who have participated in NGPF professional development over the years.


Our advocacy efforts have a single-minded focus on increasing access to financial education by partnering with teachers, schools, districts, and states. We develop tools to support these passionate advocates, including a Step-by-step Process for them to expand access locally, an annual State of Financial Education report, and a documentary film titled The Most Important Class You Never Had. We recognize financial support is integral to increasing access and have developed grant programs to support the Mission 2025 (Silver Standard Challenge) and Mission 2030 (Gold Standard Challenge) initiatives. 




The NGPF Community of Educators: 50,000 and growing!1

Over 139,000 hours of PD completed



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of U.S. high school students attend a school with at least 1 teacher with an NGPF teacher account


2020-2021 Innovations




When COVID-19 turned our classrooms into virtual experiences overnight, teachers needed new ways of delivering content. NGPF has partnered with Nearpod to support over 1.5M students in accessing course materials via the Nearpod learning platform.


NGPF's curriculum has traditionally served high school students. But there was a demand for personal finance at the middle school level too. We listened and created our very first middle school curriculum in 2020-2021.


No more "When am I going to use this in my real life?" questions in your math classrooms. NGPF merged personal finance and mathematics in order to bring real life applications into the classroom. In 2020-2021, we developed our math collection. In 2021-2022, NGPF released the first two units of its new Financial Algebra course in August of 2021 and will continue to release new units every 6 weeks until the full course is ready in 2022.



Participate in 9 hours of live instruction and pass an exam and you will be NGPF-certified in one of 10 content areas. These comprehensive courses deepen teacher content knowledge and confidence in topics ranging from Banking & Budgeting to Insurance, the Psychology of Money, Credit and Investing. More than 5,000 certifications were earned by educators in the 2020-21 school year.


Given the varied and harried schedules for teachers, we wanted to provide professional development for them to accomplish on their own schedule and at their own pace. NGPF On-Demand, released in January of 2021, now has 36 modules with popular topics including The Power of Habit, $7.25 - The Minimum Wage and the Basics of Bitcoin. With teachers completing more than 20,000 modules, On-Demand has clearly met a teacher need.

How we contribute to the ecosystem through grant making


150 school districts


5 large school districts2



1 Numbers represent verified teachers with NGPF accounts. Current value is as of September 1, 2021.

2 FEE grants support the hiring of personal finance specialists in 5 large districts.