Individual Resources:

CALCULATE: Return on Your College Investment

PROJECT: Trade School Career Fair Simulation

PROJECT: What's Your Plan After High School?

RESEARCH: Apprenticeships and Internships

RESEARCH: Associate Degree and Trade School Programs

RESEARCH: Jobs For You After High School

ANALYZE: Overdraft Fees

CASE STUDY: Bank on This

CASE STUDY: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


COMPARE: Select a Checking Account

COMPARE: Select a Savings Account

COMPARE: Types of Savings Accounts

CREATE: Your Savings Goals

INTERACTIVE: Online Bank Simulator

MOVE: Your Account Balance

PROJECT: Use a PSA to Inspire Saving

REFERENCE: Make Deposits & Withdrawals

CREATE: A PSA on Why We Shop

ECON: Risk and Loss Aversion

PLAY: The Ultimatum Game

PROJECT: The Ultimate Social Media Strategy

CASE STUDY: Budget or Bust?

CASE STUDY: How Do I Budget?

COMPARE: Needs vs. Wants

CREATE: A Salary-Based Budget

ECON: Inflation, Spending, and Wages

INTERACTIVE: Living Paycheck to Paycheck

MOVE: Build Your Budget

MOVE: Making Transportation Decisions

PLAY: The Bean Game

PROJECT: Budgeting with Roommates

PROJECT: Rein In Your Wants

RESEARCH: Monthly Cost of Car Ownership

RESEARCH: Online Tools and Apps

ANALYZE: The Difficulty of Buying a Home

ANALYZE: A High School Resume and Cover Letter

COMPARE: Choosing Between Job Offers

CREATE: A LinkedIn Profile

CREATE: A Practice Job Application

CREATE: A Resume and Cover Letter

INTERACTIVE: Which Jobs Align with My Interests?

MOVE: Career Comparison

MOVE: Types of Employment

PROJECT: Create a Career Portfolio

PROJECT: Who Aced the Interview Challenge?

ROLEPLAY: Workplace Ethics

SOFT SKILLS: Accepting Criticism

SOFT SKILLS: Conflict Resolution

SOFT SKILLS: Flexibility

SOFT SKILLS: Good Communication

SOFT SKILLS: Positive Attitude

SOFT SKILLS: Self-Confidence

ANALYZE: Ethical Purchasing Decisions

ANALYZE: The Influence of Advertisements

ANALYZE: The Influence of Social Media

ANALYZE: What is My Role as a Consumer?

COMPARE: Types of Identity Theft

CREATE: A Smart Shopper Guide

PROJECT: Launch an ID Theft Awareness Campaign

RESEARCH: Comparison Shopping

DEBATE: Should You Buy Cryptocurrency?

CREATE: A Business Idea

INTERVIEW: An Entrepreneur

CASE STUDY: Fender Bender Frenzy!

CASE STUDY: Like a Good Neighbor, Noelle Is There

COMPARE: Car Insurance Comparison Shopping

COMPARE: Select an Insurance Plan

COMPARE: Types of Health Insurance Plans

MOVE: What Determines Your Insurance Premium?

PLAY: Types of Car Insurance

PROJECT: Introducing Insurance - You Be The Teacher

RESEARCH: Insurance in Your State

ANALYZE: Dollar Cost Averaging in Action

ANALYZE: Investing for Retirement

ANALYZE: Understanding Inflation

CALCULATE: Retirement Savings Goals

COMPARE: Select a Brokerage Account

COMPARE: Types of Investment Funds

COMPARE: Types of Retirement Accounts

INTERACTIVE: The Power of Compounding

PLAY: Insider Trading Shenanigans

PLAY: Roll with the Market

PROJECT: 5 Stocks on Your Birthday

PROJECT: Joining the Market

ROLEPLAY: Sign up for a 401(k)

CALCULATE: Debt Avalanche v. Debt Snowball

CALCULATE: Impact of Credit Score on Loans

CASE STUDY: A Tale of Two Credit Scores

CASE STUDY: Get Me Out of My Debt Dungeon!


MOVE: Making Credit Decisions

PROJECT: Build a Timeline for Your Credit History

RESEARCH: Bankruptcy

RESEARCH: Credit Protections

RESEARCH: How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

ANALYZE: A FAFSA Submission Summary

ANALYZE: College and Career Choices

CASE STUDY: 50 Ways to Pay for College

CASE STUDY: What College Should I Attend?

COMPARE: College Needs vs. Wants

COMPARE: Understanding the Types of Student Loans

COMPARE: Which Repayment Option is Best?

CREATE: A Monthly College Budget

INTERACTIVE: How Much Will Your College Actually Cost?


RESEARCH: Finding Scholarships and Grants

ROLEPLAY: Peer Pressure Meets College Finances

ANALYZE: Trends in American Philanthropy

COMPARE: Charities

RESEARCH: Crowdfunding

RESEARCH: Types of Altruism

ANALYZE: The Racialized Costs of Banking

ANALYZE: The Wage Gap

CREATE: A Timeline of Racial Discrimination in Finance

PROJECT: Build Awareness and Action

RESEARCH: Reparation Efforts in the United States

RESEARCH: What Is Your Experience With Banking?

CALCULATE: Completing a 1040

CALCULATE: What Affects How Much We Pay in Income Taxes?

CASE STUDY: W-2, W-4, Refunds, Oh My!

COMPARE: Tax Forms and their Purpose

PLAY: Should They File a Tax Return?

PLAY: Tax Sleuths

REFERENCE: Do I Need to File a Return?

REFERENCE: Tax Preparation Checklist for Teens

RESEARCH: The Tax Cycle

ANALYZE: Categorizing Credit

ANALYZE: Should They Open a Credit Card?

ANALYZE: Understanding Amortization

CALCULATE: Shopping with Interest

CALCULATE: Using a Mortgage Calculator

CASE STUDY: Gimme Some Credit

COMPARE: Auto Loans

COMPARE: Select a Credit Card

MOVE: Credit Musical Chairs

MOVE: Making Credit Decisions

RESEARCH: Alternative Lending

ROLEPLAY: Say NO to Loan Requests


1.1 - Personal Finance Decision Making

1.2 - Exploring Tradeoffs

1.3 - Your Future Life

2.1 - Comparison Shopping

2.2 - Coupons & Discounts

2.3 - How to Read a Receipt

2.4 - Checking Accounts

2.5 - Different Types of Payments

3.1 - What is a Budget?

3.2 - Needs vs. Wants

3.3 - How do You Budget?

3.4 - Why We Pay Taxes

3.5 - Let’s Make a Budget!

4.1 - Borrowing Money

4.2 - Introduction to Credit

4.3 - Credit Cards

4.4 - Credit Scores

4.5 - Loans 101

5.1 - Why Saving Is Important

5.2 - Building Your Saving Habits

5.3 - Savings vs. Checking Accounts

5.4 - Open a Savings Account

5.5 - The Power of Compound Interest

6.1 - Why Invest?

6.2 - The Stock Market

6.3 - Stocks vs. Bonds

6.4 - Diversification

6.5 - Start Investing

7.1 - Digital Citizenship

7.2 - Identity Theft

7.3 - Scams

7.4 - Intro to Insurance

7.5 - Insurance Premiums

8.1 - Preparing for High School

8.2 - Resumes

8.3 - Soft Skills

8.4 - First Impressions

8.5 - Interviewing Skills

9.1 - Decisions About College

9.2 - Paying for College

9.3 - Alternatives to 4-Year Colleges

9.4 - Career Exploration

9.5 - A Budget for the Future

No Hay Crédito, No Hay Problema -

No Credit Score, No Problem

¿Quieres Ser Influencer? -

So You Want To Be An Influencer?

Por Culpa De TikTok -

TikTok Made Me Buy It

Presupuestos Estadounidenses -

Average American Budget

Comprar Ahora, Pagar Más Tarde -

What's Buy Now, Pay Later?