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How Much Salary Do You Need to Buy A House In A Given City?

The cost of a home changes according to where you live. How much do you need to earn to be able to afford it?

Is It Better To Rent or Own?

NY Times

Is it cheaper in the long run to rent or own a home? Find out with this interactive tool.

What Tech World Did You Grow Up In?

The Washington Post

This interactive allows students to discover what kind of technology world they grew up and lived in, from the year they were born up to 2017.

What Is The Most Common Job in Each State?

Planet Money

Scroll through this dynamic map to see how state employment has changed in the past 30 years.

Which Jobs Align with My Interests?


What should you do after high school? Complete an interest assessment to begin exploring your different job options.

NGPF Online Bank Simulator


Online banking makes it easy to pay bills and move money. This interactive simulation allows you to practice using online banking features without entering any personal information and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

What’s the Banking Status in Your Area?


How many households are unbanked in your area? Find out in this interactive!

The Ethical Dilemmas of Self-Driving Cars


Self-driving cars have become a popular topic in today’s media. As this technology has continued to develop, many ethical questions have emerged that are challenging to answer. In this activity, Students will explore some of these questions and have the chance to experience what it is like to make a decision in an interactive, ethical simulation!

Premiums and Worker Contributions Among Workers Covered by Employer-Sponsored Coverage, 1999-2016

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Use this interactive to explore the premiums and worker contributions over time.

Think You Can Pick Stocks?

Wall Street Journal

Pick stocks based on certain fundamental factors and this interactive will show you how the pick performed over the next ten years. Humbling!

Think You Can Beat The Stock Market?


Think you've got what it takes to beat the stock market? Find out here.

Annual Asset Class Returns

Novel Investor

What's the smartest investment? Large cap stocks? High grade bonds? Emerging markets? Let's find out.

Compound Interest Calculator

How does compounding help your money grow over time? Find out by using this interactive calculator!

Get Rich with Tech IPOs

Los Angeles Times

Could you predict when to buy and sell now famous tech stocks at the time of their IPO? Find out using this beat-the-market-style simulation.

S&P 500 Map


This stunning visualization shows every company in the S&P 500 grouped by industry and paired with information about size and performance.

It Costs What?!

Channel 13

The same purchase can cost four different amounts, depending on how you use your credit card. How much would you pay?
Managing Credit

FICO Score Simulator Sample


If you haven't gotten your official FICO score, you can estimate it yourself by taking this survey.
Managing Credit

Community Credit: A New Perspective on America's Communities

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

An interactive map that allows you to see how your state, and even your county, compares to others in the U.S. regarding credit economy, available credit, and credit quality.
Managing Credit

College Planning Calculator

Sallie Mae

Use the College Planning Calculator in this NGPF activity to project your four-year costs of attending college.
Paying for College

Eight Questions to Ask Before Choosing a College

Wall Street Journal

Answering these eight questions will help you evaluate your college choices.
Paying for College

Earnings by College Major

Hamilton Project

Before you pick a college major, find out what you can expect to earn over your lifetime.
Paying for College

How Does Public College Tuition Compare to Household Income In Your State?


What percentage of household income will go to a college education, and how has that changed over the years? Enter a state or school to find out.
Paying for College

How Much Will Your College Actually Cost?

NY Times

How does your family income affect the cost of college? Find out here.
Paying for College

Intuit TurboTax Education Simulation

Intuit Education

Students get to experience what it is like to file a tax return for a fictional person using the Intuit TurboTax Education Simulation!

What Interest Rate Are People Paying on Their Credit Cards?


How does the interest rate on your credit card compare to others? What's a good APR?
Types of Credit