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Our Interactive Library features online games, simulations, graphs, quizzes, data sorting and other online interactives. Conveniently sorted by topic, our Interactive Library will supplement your classroom instruction and provide opportunities for student engagement and excitement. Each of the Interactives has a corresponding student-facing activity to strengthen your students' critical thinking skills, which can be found in the "Activity" column below.


(*)These interactives do not have an accompanying worksheet.


How Has the Housing Market Performed In Your Neighborhood Since 2004?

Washington Post

Is your home more valuable now? Or less? Type in your ZIP code to find out.

M.A.S.H. Calculator: How Much Will My Lifestyle Cost?


How much do you need to earn to support the lifestyle you want? Take this quiz to find out!

How Much Salary Do You Need to Buy A House In A Given City?


The cost of a home changes according to where you live. How much do you need to earn to be able to afford it?

Is It Better To Rent or Own?

NY Times

Is it cheaper in the long run to rent or own a home? Find out with this interactive tool.


Urban Ministries of Durham

Can you make it through the month? Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful.

What's a Millennial?

Goldman Sachs

Are you a Millennial? How does your financial health compare to others?

Personal Health and Finance Quiz

Rutgers University

Assess your habits for a snapshot of your financial and personal health

What Jobs Are Likely To Be Done By A Machine in the Future?

Planet Money

Will you be replaced by a machine? Find out the likelihood here.

What Is The Most Common Job in Each State?

Planet Money

Scroll through this dynamic map to see how state employment has changed in the past 30 years.

Minimum Wage Since 1938

CNN Money

How much is minimum wage actually been worth, historically? Scroll through this graph to compare inflation-adjusted rates.

What Is The Potential For Automating Over 750 Jobs?

McKinsey & Company

Choose from 750+ jobs to find out the potential for being automated.

What Are Your Chances Of Making It to the Executive Suite?

NY Times and LinkedIn

Input six personal characteristics and voila you can figure out whether to start planning for that corner office.

What's the Unemployment Rate for 25-34 Year Old College Graduates?

NY Times

Is a college degree a waste of time? How many graduates are unemployed, anyway? Make your guess. You may be surprised at the answer.

How Does Online Banking Work?

Money Matters To Me

Online banking makes it easy to pay bills and move money. This interactive simulation allows you to practice using online banking features.

Basic Banking Activities

Goodwill Community Foundation, The Mint

Learn how to perform basic banking activities with this collection of interactive exercises.

What If You Played the Lottery?

Texas Lottery

What are your chances of winning the Powerball? What are the potential financial pitfalls you could run into? Play this fun interactive to find out!
Financial Pitfalls

Have You Been Hacked?

NY Times

Another day, another headline about a major hack. This interactive will determine the probability that your personal information is for sale somewhere on the dark web.
Financial Pitfalls

Premiums and Worker Contributions Among Workers Covered by Employer-Sponsored Coverage, 1999-2016

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Use this interactive to explore the premiums and worker contributions over time.

Think You Can Beat The Stock Market?


Think you've got what it takes to beat the stock market? Find out here.

Think You Can Pick Stocks?

Wall Street Journal

Pick stocks based on certain fundamental factors and this interactive will show you how the pick performed over the next ten years. Humbling!

The Balloon Test


How much risk can you handle? A balloon gives insight to your investment strategies.

Would You Trust A Robot To Make Investment Decisions?


Answering a few simple questions can show you an optimal investment strategy.

S&P 500 Map


This stunning visualization shows every company in the S&P 500 grouped by industry and paired with information about size and performance.

It Costs What?!*

Channel 13

The same purchase can cost four different amounts, depending on how you use your credit card. How much would you pay?
Managing Credit

FICO Score Simulator Sample


If you haven't gotten your official FICO score, you can estimate it yourself by taking this survey.
Managing Credit

Community Credit: A New Perspective on America's Communities

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

An interactive map that allows you to see how your state, and even your county, compares to others in the U.S. regarding credit economy, available credit, and credit quality.
Managing Credit

Which Colleges Help Low Income Students The Most?


Choosing a college? Enter school names to see how much financial support is available.
Paying for College

How Much Will Your College Actually Cost?

NY Times

How does your family income affect the cost of college? Find out here.
Paying for College

How Does Public College Tuition Compare to Household Income In Your State?


What percentage of household income will go to a college education, and how has that changed over the years? Enter a state or school to find out.
Paying for College

How Does Family Income Impact College-Going Rates?

NY Times

Family income obviously plays a part in determing college enrollment, but how much? Make your guess and see how close you come to reality.
Paying for College

Earnings by College Major

Hamilton Project

Before you pick a college major, find out what you can expect to earn over your lifetime.
Paying for College

What Does Student Debt Look Like In Your Neighborhood?

Mapping Student Debt

How does your area compare in rates of student debt?
Paying for College

Eight Questions to Ask Before Choosing a College

Wall Street Journal

Answering these eight questions will help you evaluate your college choices.
Paying for College

College Planning Calculator

Sallie Mae

Use the College Planning Calculator in this NGPF activity to project your four-year costs of attending college.
Paying for College



PAYBACK simulation puts your students in the "driver's seat" as they make decisions to get to and through college
Paying for College

What Kind of Spender Are You?

Northwestern Mutual

Do you carefully save your money, or spend it before you make it? Find out.

Understanding Taxes: The HOWS of Taxes*


A series of 20 interactive exercises created by the IRS that gets students familiar with filling out various tax forms.

Check Your Tax Rate from 1913-2012


How much in taxes do you pay at various income levels? A historical comparison.

How Do I Apply for A Loan?

Maryland SECU

You'll probably need to take out a loan at some point. Learn the process and important information through this exercise.
Types of Credit

What Interest Rate Are People Paying on Their Credit Cards?


How does the interest rate on your credit card compare to others? What's a good APR?
Types of Credit