The NGPF Middle School Course is a free teacher led personal finance curriculum designed by Next Gen Personal Finance for educators to deliver engaging financial literacy lessons to students in 6th grade through 8th grade. From money values to credit, taxes to investing, and interview skills to resumes, the interactive NGPF Middle School Course covers all grade level appropriate topics in personal finance.

  • Covers 9 personal finance units in 9 weeks
  • Aligns to National Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standards
  • Customizable to meet the needs of every middle school teacher's classroom
  • Deliverable in person, remote, and hybrid


  • Diagnostic & Final Exams
  • 1 Exam per unit, units 2-9

NOTE: Student Activity Packets, Lesson Guides, Nearpod Lessons, Nearpod Google Slides Templates, and Unit Assessments are found below.

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View Money in Our Lives Unit Plan >

1.1 Personal Finance Decision Making

1.2 Exploring Tradeoffs

1.3 Your Future Life

View Consumer Skills Unit Plan >

2.1 Comparison Shopping

2.2 Coupons & Discounts

2.3 How to Read a Receipt

2.4 Checking Accounts

2.5 Different Types of Payments

View Budgeting Unit Plan >

3.1 What is a Budget?

3.2 Needs vs. Wants

3.3 How do You Budget?

3.4 Why We Pay Taxes

3.5 Let’s Make a Budget!

View Credit Unit Plan >

4.1 Borrowing Money

4.2 Introduction to Credit

View Saving Unit Plan >

5.1 Why Saving Is Important

5.2 Building Your Saving Habits

5.3 Savings vs. Checking Accounts

5.4 Open a Savings Account

5.5 The Power of Compound Interest

View Investing Unit Plan >

6.2 The Stock Market

6.3 Stocks vs. Bonds

6.4 Diversification

6.5 Start Investing

View Protecting Yourself Unit Plan >

7.1 Digital Citizenship

7.4 Intro to Insurance

7.5 Insurance Premiums

View Prepare for Success Unit Plan >

8.1 Preparing for High School

8.4 First Impressions

8.5 Interviewing Skills

View Life After High School Unit Plan >

9.1 Decisions About College

9.2 Paying for College

9.3 Alternatives to 4-Year Colleges

9.4 Career Exploration

9.5 A Budget for the Future