For 45-minute lessons, use Semester Course Lessons or 9-Week Course Lessons. For longer, more in-depth lessons, use Full Year Lessons. All three lesson types are modular and can be used as part of a course or independently.

Semester Course Lessons:

SC-6.0 - Unit Plan

SC-6.1 - Your Credit History

SC-6.2 - Read a Credit Report

SC-6.3 - Intro to Credit Scores

SC-6.4 - Why Credit Score Matters

SC-6.5 - Identity Theft

SC-6.6 - Debt Management

SC-6.7 - Predatory Lending

9-Week Course Lessons:

9WK-6.0 - Unit Plan

9WK-6.1 - Your Credit History

9WK-6.2 - Read a Credit Report

9WK-6.3 - Intro to Credit Scores

9WK-6.4 - Why Credit Score Matters

Full Year Lessons :

FY-4.0 - Unit Plan

FY-4.1 - Basics of Managing Credit

FY-4.2 - Credit History & Reports

FY-4.3 - Credit Scores

FY-4.4 - Managing Debt