The Full Year Course is the most comprehensive Personal Finance curriculum NGPF offers. Filled with engaging resources, activities, and more. This course will leave your students feeling confident and financially capable!

  • Diagnostic and Final Exam
  • Summative unit exam for each of 11 full units
  • Optional projects and case studies suggested throughout


NOTE: Lesson Guides, Answer Keys, and Unit Assessments are found below. Full Year Course lessons are not available as Nearpod lessons.

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View Checking Unit Plan >

FY-1.10 The Essential Checking Account

FY-1.20 Read the Fine Print

FY-1.30 Classic Checking Skills

FY-1.40 Online & Mobile Banking

FY-1.50 Select a Checking Account

View Saving Unit Plan >

FY-2.10 Saving Basics

FY-2.20 Why We Save

FY-2.30 How We Save

FY-2.40 Select a Savings Account

View Types of Credit Unit Plan >

FY-3.10 Credit Basics

FY-3.20 Intro to Credit Cards

FY-3.30 Select a Credit Card

FY-3.40 Understanding Loans

FY-3.50 Auto Loans & Leases

FY-3.60 Student Loans

FY-3.70 Mortgages

View Managing Credit Unit Plan >

FY-4.10 Basics of Managing Credit

FY-4.20 Credit History & Reports

FY-4.30 Credit Scores

FY-4.40 Managing Debt

View Paying for College Unit Plan >

FY-5.10 Paying for College Basics

FY-5.20 FAFSA: Gateway to Financial Aid

FY-5.30 Scholarships & Grants: Free Money!

FY-5.40 Student Loans: Friend or Foe?

FY-5.50 Deciphering Your Financial Aid Package

FY-5.60 Budgeting in College

FY-5.70 Repaying Your Student Loans

View Budgeting Unit Plan >

FY-6.10 Budgeting for Teens

FY-6.20 Budgeting Strategies

FY-6.30 Complete a Budget

FY-6.40 Budgeting in the Gig Economy

FY-6.50 Budgeting for Your Home

FY-6.60 Budgeting for Transportation

FY-6.70 Budgeting for Food

View Investing Unit Plan >

FY-7.01 Why Should I Invest?

FY-7.02 What is a Stock?

FY-7.03 What is a Bond?

FY-7.04 Managing Risk

FY-7.05 Investing in Funds

FY-7.06 Deep Dive Into Funds

FY-7.07 What’s Your Investment Strategy?

FY-7.08 The Importance of Investing for Retirement

FY-7.09 How to Invest for Retirement

FY-7.10 Modern Investing

View Behavioral Economics Unit Plan >

FY-8.10 Are You Really in Control of Your Decisions?

FY-8.20 Sore Loser

FY-8.30 Let It Go!

FY-8.40 Everyone Else is Doing It

FY-8.50 Arrogance and Echo Chambers

FY-8.60 Enough is Enough

FY-8.70 I Saw It On Social Media

View Career Unit Plan >

FY-9.01 Career Basics

FY-9.02 Choosing a Career

FY-9.03 Workplace Skills

FY-9.04 Finding a Job

FY-9.05 Your LinkedIn Profile

FY-9.06 Resumes & Cover Letters

FY-9.07 Interviewing for a Job

FY-9.08 Outcomes of a Job Interview

FY-9.09 Starting a New Job

FY-9.10 Career Success

View Taxes Unit Plan >

FY-10.10 The U.S. Tax System

FY-10.20 Important Tax Forms

FY-10.30 Do I Need to File a Tax Return?

FY-10.40 Filing your Taxes

FY-10.50 Dive Deeper into Taxes

View Insurance Unit Plan >

FY-11.10 Insurance Fundamentals

FY-11.20 Health Insurance 101

FY-11.30 Finding a Health Insurance Plan

FY-11.40 Auto Insurance

FY-11.50 Home & Renters Insurance

FY-11.60 Other Types of Insurance