For 45-minute lessons, use Semester Course Lessons. For longer, more in-depth lessons, use Full Year Lessons. Both lesson types are modular and can be used as part of a course or independently.

Semester Course Lessons and Assessments:

SC-8.0 - Unit Plan and Assessments

SC-8.1 - Investing Basics

SC-8.2 - So What’s A Stock?

SC-8.3 - What Affects a Company’s Stock Price?

SC-8.4 - Why Aren’t Young People Investing?

SC-8.5 - Bonds, Diversification, and Asset Allocation

SC-8.6 - Index and Mutual Funds

SC-8.7 - Implementing Your Investment Strategy

SC-8.8 - Investing for Retirement

Full Year Lessons:

7.0 - Unit Plan and Assessment

7.1 - Investment Basics

7.2 - Intro to the Stock Market

7.3 - Bond Investing

7.4 - Stock Investing

7.5 - Investment Strategies

7.6 - Investing for Retirement