Most Popular Math Activities

Stand-alone activities you can use with your own lessons or the NGPF Financial Algebra course.

Math on a Mission

NGPF Math provides FREE curriculum and resources that weave real-world personal finance applications with rigorous math instruction. You’ll have a clear answer when students ask: When am I ever going to use this?

Currently, just 1 in 4 U.S. high schoolers takes a personal finance class, but every student takes math courses. By infusing personal finance into your math class, you’ll not only be making math relevant - you’ll also be teaching your students lifelong financial skills.


NGPF Math includes the semester-long Financial Algebra course and a wide range of math activities in pre-algebra, algebra, and statistics. Go to the Math Activities page to explore resources organized by math topic.

After you sign up for a free teacher account and are verified, you’ll be able to access answer keys. While logged in to your verified teacher account, click on “Financial Algebra Course” to see the answer keys for lessons and activities in that course. On the NGPF Math Activities page, click on a specific activity to see its worksheet and answer key. If you don’t see any answer keys, try the troubleshooting steps on this page.

No! When you create a teacher account, you get access to all of NGPF. You can use the same teacher account to access activities and answer keys on NGPF and NGPF Math. 

Yes! Math-related PDs will be highlighted on NGPF Math for your convenience, but they will be the same PDs that you can sign up for on our Virtual PD or On-Demand pages. Math PD will still count towards my NGPF Academy and you can still monitor your progress in your Teacher Account