Introducing NGPF On-Demand, a new professional development opportunity for teachers that provides maximum flexibility for your schedule:
  • Each module is built on the Nearpod platform (no subscription required) with multiple engagement strategies including videos, articles, quizzes, collaborative boards, and more
  • Learn at your own pace with each module designed to be completed in approximately 1 hour
  • Successful completion of a module will earn you 1 NGPF Academy credit
  • Offered at no cost to educators
  • No need to register! Simply click the link to begin the module

How does NGPF On-Demand work?



In order to earn NGPF Academy credits, you will need to have a verified NGPF Teacher account, which is free. You can sign up by going to and clicking on the upper right "Create Free Account."


Within 7 days, an NGPF Team Member will review your participation and responses, then grant credit in your NGPF Academy. Only fully-completed modules will be given credit!

On-Demand Modules

Behavioral Finance

The Power of Habit

Learn about the importance of habits, how they form and proven methods to change or create new habits.

Budgeting in the Gig Economy

A job in the gig economy needs skills outside of basic budgeting.

3 Lesser-Known Cards

Learn about payroll cards, prepaid cards, and secured credit cards.

Banking in the 21st Century

Learn how challenger banks and big tech companies are shaking up banking.

Building Credit

Empower your students to begin building their own credit scores using current concepts and strategies
Current Events

FinTech Apps

Brush up on your knowledge of the FinTech industry and popular apps
Current Events

Personal Finance in an Age of Pandemic

Learn about trends in savings, spending, and payment habits

Renters Insurance

Learn how renters insurance works and why it's essential coverage for young adults

Investing For Beginners

Learn basic investing terminology and how the stock market works.

Mutual Funds & Index Funds

Part I: Define and compare traditional mutual funds vs index funds

Mutual Funds vs ETFs

Part II: Compare/contrast mutual funds to their newer alternative: ETFs.

MATH: Calculating Compound Interest

Learn about compound interest and calculate it by formula or online calculator.
Paying for College

FAFSA Basics

Learn about the importance and basics of the FAFSA.
Paying for College

Federal Student Loan Repayment

Explore the details of different repayment plans available for federal student loans

Savings Tools & Strategies

Investigate common savings tools as well as specific strategies to save more money

The Psychology of Saving

Identify hurdles to saving money and learn strategies to make saving easier

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I complete the NGPF On-Demand module?

Within 7 business days, an NGPF Team Member will review your participation and responses, then grant credit in your NGPF Academy. Your responses to questions will be read and assessed for quality; be sure to put forth your best effort!


Q: Are On-Demand modules intended for teachers or students?

NGPF On-Demand modules are designed for teacher professional development and are not designed to be used directly with your students. Please do not have your students complete these modules as we will not be able to provide you with any information about their submissions.


Q: How many NGPF Academy credits do I receive per module?

You will receive 1 NGPF Academy credit per module completed. 


Q: What if I start the module, but do not finish? 

You will not receive NGPF Academy credit until the module is completed. Nearpod does not currently offer an option to stop and save your progress. Therefore, if you need to take a break, we suggest keeping the module open on your computer. 


Q: Do I need an NGPF Teacher Account to complete the On-Demand modules?

In order to earn NGPF Academy credits, you will need to have a verified NGPF Teacher account, which is free. You can sign up by going to and clicking on the upper right "Create Free Account."


Q: Is there a recommended device from which to access NGPF On-Demand?

We recommend using a laptop or PC. If you are using your phone, we recommend opening the module in a phone browser (Safari, Chrome) rather than through the Nearpod application (some functions do not work properly within the application).


Q: I am experiencing technical difficulties with the Nearpod, is there anything I can do?

Please make sure you're going through the slides at a reasonable pace and allow the slide to load before going onto the next slide. If the Nearpod freezes, please try refreshing the page.


Q: Can I complete the same module twice?

You are welcome to complete the module more than once, but you will only receive 1 NGPF Academy credit. 


Q: Will I receive a copy of the NGPF On-Demand module?

Once an NGPF team member has reviewed your participation and responses and has granted you credit for the module, you will be sent an email encouraging you to check your NGPF Academy for your PD certificate and a clickable PDF of the Nearpod slide deck. At this time, we are not offering direct copies of the modules to use with your students.


Q: I keep reading about NGPF Academy. What is it?

A: NGPF Academy is a program to recognize and reward educators for their commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Teachers earn Academy credits for participating in NGPF professional development including Certification Courses, Virtual PDs, Virtual FinCamps and now NGPF On-Demand. As teachers reach 10-hour milestones they earn NGPF swag and Amazon gift cards. More details here


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact?

Please reach out to and an NGPF team member will respond to you in a timely fashion, within 24 hours.