Successfully implement Personal Finance education by partnering with NGPF

Next Gen Personal Finance is an endowment-funded nonprofit that offers high-quality curriculum and professional development at no cost. We support districts by providing implementation guidance, best practices, and tailored PD opportunities for your coaches and teachers. 

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Next Gen Personal Finance is an invaluable partner for Fulton County Schools, supporting teachers with tools, resources, and a comprehensive curriculum that is seamlessly aligned to our state’s standards. And NGPF’s professional development is a game-changer, equipping teachers with expertise and confidence to deliver high-quality financial education.

Crystal Flowers
Social Studies Director
Fulton County Schools, GA

Free Curriculum

NGPF’s comprehensive personal finance curriculum features lesson plans with the most current resources, built-in activities, and assessments – all fully customizable and completely free.


Check out our flagship Semester Course (also available as Trimester Course and Full Year Course), Middle School Course, and Financial Algebra Course. You can also explore resources for specific personal finance topics.

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Curriculum Crosswalks

Our semester course curriculum and supplemental resources are aligned to the National Standards for Personal Financial Education. We created crosswalks to align with the state standards listed below, prioritizing states implementing new graduation requirements. We will continue to build out crosswalks for other states, so please keep an eye out!

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Next Gen Personal Finance is a trusted resource that has been invaluable in the success of our district’s personal finance course. They provide free, quality curriculum and resources that are teacher-friendly and engaging for students. NGPF also differentiates themselves with their investment in professional development – our teachers report feeling more confident, empowered, and prepared to teach after attending their sessions.

Aaron Standish
K-12 Financial Literacy Program Planner
School District of Palm Beach County, FL

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teachers in all 50 states use NGPF curriculum

Free Professional Development

NGPF offers a variety of engaging professional development opportunities – designed to build content knowledge and support the curriculum – to build confidence in teachers. We can also set up sessions directly for your teachers or use the train-the-trainer model. 

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of NGPF users surveyed feel confident teaching personal finance to their students

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Many of our teachers were initially nervous about teaching financial literacy due to the vast number of topics and limited content knowledge. However, NGPF professional development offers a wide range of engaging learning opportunities and has greatly boosted their confidence. They have become much more knowledgeable and walked away with resources that can be applied immediately – not only to the classroom but also to their lives.

Tiffany Askins
Financial Literacy Specialist
Denver Public Schools, CO


NGPF offers various grants, often in partnership with philanthropic organizations, to help support the successful implementation of personal finance education. Please note that some of these opportunities may be limited to particular states and some are on an invite-only basis.

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When our district mandated a financial literacy course for graduation, NGPF was there for us. They awarded the FEE Grant that provided for a full-time coordinator position to support implementation. NGPF has the best, most flexible professional development and their resources are our go-to materials – for newbies and experienced fin lit teachers alike. NGPF can meet anyone at their level and provide what they need to be successful in the classroom.

Susan Bistransin
Financial Education and Empowerment Coordinator
Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD

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