FinCap Fridays are HERE! FinCap being short for building Financial Capability!. Teachers use this 5-7 minute resource to energize their Friday classrooms and engage their students through current events. Here are the deets. 

Update (1/4/19): We also recently added a no-tech version of FinCap Friday. You can access by clicking on "No Tech" located in upper right of the first slide or visit our FinCap Friday Library


2/1/19 - The $17 Million Pizza [Investing, Bitcoin, Behavioral Finance]

1/25/19 - The Money Talk [Behavioral finance]

1/18/19 - Bye Bye Banks ? [Saving, Checking]

1/11/19 - From the Red Carpet to The Red Ink of the I.R.S (Taxes)

1/4/19 - Get S.M.A.R.T.  [Goal setting, Behavioral finance]

12/21/18 - Do We Have Your Interest Yet? [Saving, Credit Cards]

12/14/18 - 'Tis the Season of Scammers [Financial Pitfalls]

12/7/18 - Speeding Into the Future [Budgeting, Insurance]

11/30/18 - Tappity-Tap [Checking, Types of Credit, Payment Types]

11/16/18 - Gratitude Is the Right Attitude [Bonus]

11/9/18 - Who's Calling? [Financial Pitfalls]

11/2/18 - How to Get Extra Credit [Managing Credit]

10/26/18 - Who Wants To Be A Billionaire? [Financial Pitfalls]

10/19/18 -  From Catalogs to Clicks [Behavioral Finance]

10/12/18 - Playing With F.I.R.E. [Budgeting, Investing]

10/5/18 - Human vs. Machine [Career]

9/28/18 - Tuition, Fees, & Books, Oh My! [Paying for College]

9/21/18 - Show Me the Money! [Paying for College]

9/14/18 - The Credit Deep Freeze [Managing Credit]

9/7/18 - Famous and Frugal [Budgeting]

8/31/18 - The Raging Bull [Investing]

8/24/18 - Teen Job Trends [Career]

8/17/18 - Hackers Plan Global Bank Heist [Financial Pitfalls]