Budgeting Data Crunch

MATH: Unit Price

Source: NGPF

MATH: Graphing a Budget Equation

Source: NGPF

MATH: Calculating Percentages

Source: NGPF

MATH: Discounts and Composite Functions

Source: NGPF

MATH: Exponential Decay in Purchasing Power

Source: NGPF

MATH: Depreciation of Car Value

Source: NGPF

DATA CRUNCH: How Does Spending Differ Across Generations?

Source: Smart Asset

DATA CRUNCH: How Much Does the Average American Spend in a Day?

Source: CNBC

DATA CRUNCH: How Have Prices For Consumer Goods Changed Over the Past 20 Years?

Source: BLS

DATA CRUNCH: How Much Income Do You Need to be Rich?

Source: Gallup Poll

DATA CRUNCH: What Does The Average Household Spend Money On?

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics