Career Questions of the Day

What's the median hourly wage for an UberX driver?

A YouTuber with over 1.4 million views a month can expect to earn about _____________ in monthly income.

What is the preferred method of communication for 13-17 year olds? Social media, texting or in-person?

How many times were baby boomers unemployed between the ages of 18-48?

What is the most common pay frequency for workers at private companies?

What do 92% of adults fear most when it comes to looking for a new job?

What is the #1 career that high schoolers are most interested in pursuing?

This week, the CEO of a major U.S. bank said tens of thousands of call center jobs could be replaced by _____.

On average, how many people apply for a typical corporate job?

According to LinkedIn, what was the top "soft skill" that employers were looking for in 2018?

What percent of people age 75 and older are still working?

What job attribute is most important to 12th graders?

What is the average number of jobs held by a worker over the first 30 years of their career?

What percent of Americans do not receive a steady paycheck?

What percent of workers have a "side hustle" (a.k.a. participate in the gig economy)?

What percent of employees get paid holidays as a benefit?

What's the #1 predictor of career success?

What’s the median number of years that workers spend at a job?

What 3 jobs are projected to be the fastest growing over the next decade?

What percent of employers say that soft skills (also known as interpersonal skills) are equally as important as hard skills?

What are the highest paying jobs in America?

Who works in American households: Mom, Dad or both?