Entrepreneurship Questions of the Day

[Women's History Month]: Whitney Wolfe Herd became the youngest self-made woman billionaire when she took what company public in February 2021?

[Black History Month]: How did Madame CJ Walker become the first American woman to be a self-made millionaire?

What is the largest Black-owned business based on their 2018 revenue (sales)?

(AAPI Heritage Month): What company, founded by an Asian American, creates computer chips that power games like Fortnite and Minecraft?

[Black History Month]: Match these CEOs with the companies they lead.

(Women's History Month): Match these CEOs with the S&P 500 companies they lead: Mary Barra, Corie Barry, Rosalind Brewer

[Women's History Month]: What is the first company to go public led by two female co-founders?

[Women's History Month]: In what year were women in the US first enabled to get a business loan without the signature of a male relative?

[AAPI Heritage Month]; What two personal finance websites were started by Asian Americans?

[AAPI Heritage Month]: What percentage of U.S. business are Asian-owned?

What percentage of restaurant businesses fail within the first year?

What percent of high school students want to start their own business?

What are the three most popular fast food brands in the U.S.?

[Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month]: Of all new businesses, how many are Hispanic & Latinx-owned?