Managing Credit Questions of the Day

What's the average credit score needed to rent an apartment?

What will your credit score be after your FIRST six months of making on-time payments?

You're new to credit and miss a payment on your credit card. How much will you credit score decline?

2/3 of Gen Z practice this good credit card habit. What is it?

Given $10,000 to invest, what would be the #1 choice for millennials?

When a couple takes out a loan, which credit score does the lender use?

You're new to credit and you don't pay your credit card bill for months. It gets sent to a collections agency. How much will your credit score decline?

What percent of Americans who have credit card debt won't be able to pay it off within a year?

Which credit score band has the highest percentage of people: 670-739, 740-799, 800-850?

$750 Playstation 5 Bundle on credit...If you make the minimum payments, how long before this credit card bill is paid off?