Managing Credit Questions of the Day

What percent of Americans who have credit card debt won't be able to pay it off within a year?

Which credit score band has the highest percentage of people: 670-739, 740-799, 800-850?

$750 Playstation 5 Bundle on credit...If you make the minimum payments, how long before this credit card bill is paid off?

What's the average credit score needed to rent an apartment?

What will your credit score be after your FIRST six months of making on-time payments?

You're new to credit and miss a payment on your credit card. How much will you credit score decline?

2/3 of Gen Z practice this good credit card habit. What is it?

Given $10,000 to invest, what would be the #1 choice for millennials?

When a couple takes out a loan, which credit score does the lender use?

You're new to credit and you don't pay your credit card bill for months. It gets sent to a collections agency. How much will your credit score decline?