Paying for College Questions of the Day

How many seniors in your high school completed the FAFSA last year?

What is the average cost of tuition and fees at public 4 year colleges in your state?

What are the odds of someone with a college degree becoming a millionaire?

How much free financial aid is lost because families do not file the FAFSA?

What fraction of students receive scholarships or grants for college?

What was the average amount of student debt for 2015 graduates?

What college major is most common among world leaders?

What percent of high school graduates file the FAFSA to access college aid?

How much more does a college graduate earn over their lifetime compared to a high school graduate?

What college major provides graduates with the highest median CAREER earnings?

What percent of students who default (fail to repay) their student loans have bachelor’s degrees?

Who struggles more with student debt: those with balances a) under $5,000 or b) over $40,000?

How many Americans have over $1,000,000 in student debt?