Philanthropy Fincap Fridays

Greatest Graduation Gift

Robert F. Smith paid off all the c/o 2019 at Morehouse College's student loans. Many people consider philanthropy the giving of money to help others in need, but there are many ways to be philanthropic without giving money.

Gratitude is the Right Attitude

Gratitude is associated with a positive mental state. People feel happier helping others with their money than spending it on themselves. Even if you can't afford to spend extra money, there are many ways to express gratitude.

Reason for the Season

The amount of money donated to charity in the US dropped since the new tax laws no longer give tax benefits for donating to charity. There are still reasons to give to charity that benefit yourself, like increasing happiness.

Global Giving Movement

Every year people in 70 countries celebrate Giving Tuesday! It is a chance for people to focus on giving rather than consuming. How much money is spent on shopping deal days? How much is donated on Giving Tuesday?

Wealthy Women Make Waves

Women are estimated to control more than half of US wealth by 2030. They’ll also inherit 70% of the intergenerational wealth transfer expected over decades to come. So, what do wealthy women do with their funds?