Types of Credit Data Crunch

MATH: Auto and Mortgage Monthly Payments

Source: NGPF

MATH: Percents Change in US Household Debt

Source: NGPF

MATH: Loan Repayments Using Simple Interest

Source: NGPF

MATH: Compound Interest Pitfalls

Source: NGPF

DATA CRUNCH: How Easy Is It to Get a Loan?

Source: New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations

DATA CRUNCH: What Are The Most Common Credit Card Fees?

Source: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

DATA CRUNCH: What Interest Rate Do Consumers Pay On Their Credit Cards?

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

DATA CRUNCH: When Do College Students Use Credit Cards?

Source: Sallie Mae

DATA CRUNCH: What Percentage of U.S. Households Own Homes?

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

DATA CRUNCH: Who Has Consumer Debt (By Age Group)?

Source: NY Federal Reserve