Types of Credit Questions of the Day

What credit card feature is most popular for Gen Z? Low interest rate, good rewards program or no annual fees?

What percent of consumers using "buy now, pay later" have been late with their payments?

What is the recommended age to get a credit card?

Excluding home loans, what are the three largest debts for American consumers?

What's the average interest rate on a car loan for someone with bad credit?

What is the most popular credit product for Gen Z consumers?

How many credit cards does the average Gen Z have?

For the 32% of Gen Zers that have an auto loan, what is their median loan balance?

What percent of Gen Z consumers have added to their credit card debt since March of 2020?

What percent of 8-14 year olds have a credit card?

What is the average credit card debt held by Gen Z?

How much will Americans who only make minimum credit card payments end up paying in interest charges this year?

What is #1 reason that people give for paying their credit card bill late?

Can you name ONE of the ways that consumers, under age 25, establish credit?

What percentage of adults have carried credit card debt in the past year?

What do cardholders fear most when using a credit card?

What's the new interest rate on federal student loans for the 2022-23 school year?

When were women first able to get credit cards without a co-signer?