8 personal finance teachers and their students.

1 incredible story.


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About the film

Following the stories of eight remarkable high school teachers and classrooms from around the nation, this short documentary film brings the importance of personal finance education into sharp focus.

In New York City, a Latina educator rises from poverty and embraces social media to reach a historically excluded audience as another NYC teacher introduces financial lessons to students in an alternative high school focused on real-world internships. Cultural challenges with money are addressed by a consumer science teacher in a predominantly Hispanic/Latinx school district in a South Texas border town, while a teacher in Vermont introduces personal finance to her students and their immigrant families from war-torn countries around the globe.

Students learn the dangers of consumerism and instant gratification in affluent West Palm Beach, Florida as teens in the Wisconsin Northwoods are taught the value of saving for a financially uncertain future. In Utah, a personal finance teacher pulls her own family from financial ruin, and in Kentucky, a high school basketball coach and business teacher unites two state politicians from opposing parties to pass sweeping, state-wide legislation in favor of personal finance education.

RUN TIME: 36 Min

These stories ask the viewer to consider if personal finance is the most important class you never had.



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