Welcome to NGPF’s Nearpod Support Page! Next Gen Personal Finance and Nearpod have a partnership that has allowed us to grant hundreds of Nearpod licenses to teachers all over the country!

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NGPF currently offers Nearpod lessons for the 9-Week and Semester courses and the Middle School course as well! If you are in need of more Nearpod support please explore this page!



Nearpod Support and Questions


If you have questions regarding Nearpod’s features, you will find the most up-to-date answers by reaching out to Nearpod Support directly.


Nearpod Support 

Have Nearpod questions? In addition to the chat support available when you’re logged into your Nearpod account you can reach out to Nearpod Support the following ways: 


Nearpod Resources

Want to become more knowledgeable about Nearpod? Check out the resources below!


Nearpod’s YouTube Channel is a great resource for short, how-to videos! Here are a few videos NGPF thinks you’ll find useful! 



Using NGPF's Nearpod Lessons


Review this Nearpod presentation to learn more about NGPF’s interactive Nearpod lessons including facilitation tips and best practices!


NGPF’s Self-Guided Nearpod Presentation