Tackling the 1040

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Walk through important sections of the 1040 tax form so you'll know enough to teach students about filing their taxes.

In this module, you'll learn:

  1. Who is required to file taxes, and why your students might want to file even if legally they aren't required

  2. Who qualifies as a dependent, and rules about dependents filing their own taxes

  3. The many types of taxable income and how it's all recorded on the 1040 and other tax forms (including W-2 and 1099) and Schedules

  4. Standard vs itemized deductions

  5. How to read the tax table to determine taxes owed

  6. The types of tax credits available

*Since the content of these modules is largely the same but with updated tax figures, if you completed this module previously, you will not get NGPF Academy credit.




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