Real World Class: Student Voices for Financial Education


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About the film

Following the stories of five remarkable students from around the nation, this short documentary film demonstrates how student activism is behind the movement to increase access to financial education.

In Maryland, a skeptical student embraces the concepts he learned in his personal finance course, advocates for it in his district, and now shares his knowledge as an influencer. In North Carolina, a student commits to closing the gender gap by teaching middle school girls the financial concepts they need to know to bolster their confidence in money issues.

A Wisconsin student takes her passion for financial education to the State House and testifies in support of a bill that would guarantee all high schoolers benefit from this essential course. In Washington state, an interest in investing leads a student to start an investing club that brings in outside speakers and runs workshops to help students build wealth while they have many years of compounding ahead of them. Finally, a budding journalist in New Mexico writes a compelling op-ed to build public support for universal financial education in her state.

RUN TIME: 19 Min

These stories ask the viewer to consider actions they can take in their own communities to advocate to increase access to personal finance courses in high schools.