How the challenges work:


Select a Challenge

Choose one or both Challenges from the current cohort


Participate and Track

Participate in PD and check off game board boxes as you go


Enter the Prize Drawing

Once you've completed the requirements for a challenge, submit the form using the links below to be entered into the prize drawing

*NOTE: We grade On-Demands on a rolling basis. If you are confident you completed the module(s) needed to complete a challenge, please complete the form even if your On-Demand credits are not showing up in your My NGPF Academy.

See details about the current challenges below



July 17 - August 6


Virtual Warrior

Complete 10 hours of live Virtual PD you haven’t previously taken. Virtual PDs are events exclusively listed here. Certification courses and On-Demand modules will NOT count toward this Challenge.


The 3x3

Complete 3 hours of PD per week for 3 consecutive weeks of this Challenge for a combined total of 9 hours. Your hours can come from live Virtual PDs, self-paced On-Demand modules, and/or Certification courses.

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  1. You must be an active classroom teacher with a verified NGPF teacher account
  2. All hours must be completed during this cohort -- July 17 through August 6, 2021. You cannot count hours earned outside that time frame.
  3. Because we grade On-Demands on a rolling basis, your On-Demand credits do not show up instantaneously; they are bulk uploaded periodically. If you're confident you've met the On-Demand module requirements and other requirements of the Challenge, please complete the form before your On-Demand credits show up in your My NGPF Academy.
  4. NGPF will run 8 Challenges this summer, and you can enter 1, all 8, or somewhere in between
    1. Participants must submit a google form for EACH Challenge they complete before the deadline to be eligible.
    2. You must complete DIFFERENT hours for each Challenge. For example, you can’t re-use the same participation hours from Challenge 5 in Challenge 6 or in Challenge 7.
    3. You can only enter the drawing for each Challenge one time. For example, if you do Challenge 5 (10 hours of Virtual PD), you should complete the form one time. You are welcome to enroll in more PD sessions beyond 10 hours, but you cannot re-enter the Challenge 5 drawing. One entry per Challenge per person.
  5. If you win a swag pack in a Challenge, you are still eligible to win a mystery grand prize at the end of summer, so keep completing Challenges and entering the drawings for each Challenge.
  6. Challenges run concurrently with NGPF Academy, and your Challenge hours will count toward your 2021-2022 Academy hours and the normal prizes for that program.