FINE PRINT: Leave and Earnings Statement

CALCULATE: Reconcile Your Checkbook

CASE STUDY: Bank on This

CASE STUDY: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

CREATE: Your Savings Goals

FINE PRINT: Checking Account Agreement

FINE PRINT: Checking Account Statement

MOVE: Using the Rule of 72

MOVE: Your Account Balance

PLAY: It Costs HOW Much?

PROJECT: Use a PSA to Inspire Saving

MOVE: Your Cognitive Biases

CASE STUDY: How Do I Budget?

COMPARE: Needs vs. Wants

CREATE: Prom Pitch Showdown

FINE PRINT: Electricity Bill

FINE PRINT: Residential Lease

MOVE: Build Your Budget

MOVE: The Average American Budget

MOVE: The Real Relationship Test

PLAY: The Bean Game

PROJECT: Budgeting with Roommates

PROJECT: Rein In Your Wants

FINE PRINT: Auto Lease Agreement

FINE PRINT: Vehicle History Report

MOVE: Car Smarts Scavenger Hunt

ANALYZE: The Difficulty of Buying a Home

ANALYZE: A High School Resume and Cover Letter

COMPARE: Choosing Between Job Offers

CREATE: A Practice Job Application


MOVE: Career Comparison

MOVE: Career Kick-Off

MOVE: Types of Employment

PROJECT: Who Aced the Interview Challenge?

PROJECT: You Decide: Who Gets the Job?

SOFT SKILLS: Accepting Criticism

SOFT SKILLS: Conflict Resolution

SOFT SKILLS: Good Communication

SOFT SKILLS: Positive Attitude

SOFT SKILLS: Self-Confidence

ANALYZE: What is My Role as a Consumer?

MOVE: What Will You Buy?

PLAY: Spot the Scam Signs

RESEARCH: Comparison Shopping

PLAY: The Bitcoin Rollercoaster

ANALYZE: Sample Business Plans

CREATE: A Business Idea

INTERVIEW: An Entrepreneur

FINE PRINT: Auto Insurance Declaration Page

FINE PRINT: Health Benefits Form

FINE PRINT: Renters Insurance Agreement

MOVE: Insurance Policy Pursuit

MOVE: What Determines Your Insurance Premium?

ANALYZE: Inequalities in Investing

ANALYZE: Investing for Retirement

FINE PRINT: Bond Mutual Fund Fact Sheet

FINE PRINT: Stock Index Fund Fact Sheet

FINE PRINT: Target Date Fund Fact Sheet

MOVE: Let's Make a Mutual Fund

MOVE: Organize A Stock Market Index

PLAY: Roll with the Market

PROJECT: Joining the Market

FINE PRINT: Credit Report

MOVE: Making Credit Decisions

MOVE: Up and Down with Credit Scores

PROJECT: Craft a Credit Score Game

CASE STUDY: 50 Ways to Pay for College

CASE STUDY: What College Should I Attend?

FINE PRINT: Financial Aid Package

MOVE: Brainstorming the Perfect Scholarship Essay

MOVE: Paying for College Scavenger Hunt

MOVE: The Net Price of College

ANALYZE: Trends in American Philanthropy

ANALYZE: The Racialized Costs of Banking

COMPARE: Tax Forms and their Purpose



MOVE: Paycheck Scavenger Hunt

MOVE: Your Tax Dollar in Action

PLAY: Should They File a Tax Return?

ANALYZE: Categorizing Credit

CASE STUDY: Gimme Some Credit

FINE PRINT: Auto Title Loan Agreement

FINE PRINT: Credit Card Statement

FINE PRINT: Mortgage Bill

FINE PRINT: Payday Loan Agreement

FINE PRINT: Schumer Box

MOVE: Credit Musical Chairs

MOVE: Making Credit Decisions

RESEARCH: Alternative Lending