Brush Up On: Managing Credit

Apr 25, 2019

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

I might make the bold claim that in today's world of student loans (and to a lesser degree credit cards, medical debt, auto loans, and mortgages), managing your credit is one of the very most important skills we can teach teens. Teachers joined this content webinar to make sure they understood the basics of credit reports and scores but also some brand new current events in the world of credit and debt such as:

- UltraFICO
- New rules that help boost credit scores and new companies to help establish credit in the first place
- How companies are using BIG DATA to learn about your credit habits
-Must-know info on student loan repayment options
- and then a little bit on the good old fundamentals :)

We also highlighted NGPF resources within this unit that teachers have told us they love so you too can incorporate them in your classroom!

Helpful Resources:

Unfortunately, due to a tech error, there is no video recording of this webinar. Apologies, but so glad that so many of you caught it live!